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A successful planning application should take no more than 8 weeks to be approved, however if you are unsuccessful your application can take a lot longer. Additionally you will spend more time and money changing the plans, as well as the added hassle!

Here are our top tips to help get your planning application approved without any issues!

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1. Get pre-application advice from your local planning authority

For a fee (which varies depending on council), your local council will offer pre-application advice which will give feedback on what you can or can’t get planning permission for and on changes you may wish to make. This is invaluable and highly recommended for a straightforward and successful planning application.

2. Work with your planning officer

Don’t think of your planning officer as the enemy but work with them, listen to their advice and develop a good relationship with them. If they recommend a change to your plans or ask for additional information, it’s normally so they can recommend approval to the planning committee. 

3. Hire a local architect

A local architect will be experienced at navigating the planning process for you, including getting the design right for approval. They will have worked with the local planning authority before and likely to have worked on projects similar to yours, so will be comfortable about designs that will be approved. They are also experts at getting the most out of the design within your local planning constraints. 

Additionally, architects are used to applying for planning permission and will ensure you have all of the paperwork in place and accurate for a successful planning application.

4. Think about your design

If you want your planning application to be a success, make sure your design is in-keeping and will enhance your local area rather than something that will be obtrusive. 

In making a decision, your local planning authority will consider the impact on the surrounding area as well as layout and density of the buildings (such as roof height) as well as design, appearance and materials used.

5. Chat to your neighbours

Engaging with your neighbours early in the process will help for a smooth planning application. Speak with them before they receive the letter from the council detailing your plans - this will help keep them on side. Talk your neighbours through your plans and make any changes before planning permission if you think they are reasonable requests.

Although it’s the planning committee that make the decision on planning, your neighbours comments will be taken into account and the planning committee may suggest changes to your plans depending on their relevance. 

Published: June 29, 2021

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