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It's often the inside of our home that we focus on when renovating a property, and for good reason as that's where we spend most of our time. However, some great houses are overlooked as they are simply unattractive from the outside and lack kerb appeal. Fortunately there are some updates that can totally transform a dated and tired property into something amazing.

Here are some great ideas to transform the look of your home, from small changes to larger investments.

1. Replace the windows

Changing tired and dull windows can instantly update your property. White UPVC frames can look dull over time, whilst old windows tend to have thick chunky frames. Rotten wooden windows just make the exterior look run down and shabby too.

If you are updating the windows, consider what style suits your home and street. Go for wooden sash windows if you have a period property or choose coloured UPVC or aluminium if your home is contemporary.

2. Change the facade

If the exterior of your home is dull and unattractive, then painting or rendering it will instantly brighten it up. Or if you have a gorgeous period property, having the bricks cleaned and pointed will make a huge difference. Other popular options are cladding with tile, oak or coloured weatherboard to give an unattractive facade a real makeover.

Make sure that you work with the style and period of your property and also consider the look of your street. Rendering in a strong colour when the rest of your street has natural brick may devalue your property should you wish to sell.

3. New roof

Replacing the tiles on your roof can make a huge difference to your property and can be a worthwhile investment. If you have a flat roof on the garage or part of your property, changing to a pitched roof will instantly add so much character.

Replacing the roof is a large investment so consider whether cleaning the tiles and guttering can smarten up your home. Also before you update the roof, chat to your local estate agent to check if your investment will add value to your home.

Image Courtesy of The Coloured Render Company

4. Add a porch

Creating a porch gives your home some detail, particularly if it's a boxy and plain style of home. Porches are also a really practical addition as they are brilliant for storing shoes, coats and umbrellas.

5. Paint the front door

You don't need to spend a fortune to give your home some kerb appeal, simply re-painting your front door and replacing the fixtures can have a huge impact on your entire exterior. Go for an inviting colour such as pale blue or green to liven up your exterior - we think the door below is beautiful painted in Celestial Blue by Little Greene Paint.

Image Courtesy of Little Greene Paint, Painted in Celestial Blue

6. Create or update the driveway

If you have a decent sized front garden but it's slightly unkempt, consider clearing it and creating a front drive. If you already have a front drive but the slabs are worn or the stones are small and like shingle, a cost effective option is to lay a medium sized light stone such as a Cotswold stone, to instantly brighten up your drive.

7. Fit some lighting

A house can look really homely and inviting in the evening if you invest in some clever lighting. Attractive lights also look lovely by the porch during the day, so go for something that will add some character and style to your property.

8. Tidy up the inside too!

Make sure your windows are clear of clutter and keep any toys away from the windows. Choose blinds of the same size throughout so that your home looks symmetrical and neat from the outside.

9. Cut back on overgrown greenery

If you have any large trees that are blocking the view of the front of your home or if you have an overgrown hedge, cut them back so that they are neat and tidy. Fences and hedges look best when they are about waist height at the front of your property. Cutting them back will also allow more light into your home.

Published: July 27, 2018

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