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Small bathrooms are standard in every home; whether it's because you live in a built up area where space is at a premium or you have extended and are including a new en-suite into the space. But a small bathroom doesn't need to feel unloved and basic and by making the best use of your space, a small bathroom can look stylish and feel spacious whilst being perfectly practical. Here are our small bathroom style ideas to help make your space feel bigger, along with some of the best small bathrooms around to give you some major inspiration.

Freestanding bath in a small bathroom

This bathroom by @thehousethatjenbuilt_ is an absolute masterclass in how to make a small bathroom look stylish whilst maximising the space. Often we think that in a small bathroom that we need to have less things to make it feel spacious, but this bathroom looks so homely and wonderful.

Firstly there is so much light streaming in which really opens up the space - the shutters allow privacy without blocking the light. The storage unit is cleverly positioned above the toilet with lovely towels on display above. The sink console is smaller in size and wall hung, so doesn't take up too much space either. 

What we love the most is the freestanding bath in this small bathroom. It's set against the wall so it doesn't take too much space up and has the most wonderful crittall shower screen which looks amazing and stops the water spraying everywhere. Such a lovey space with so many design and style ideas for a small bathroom.

Stunning small bathroom from @thehousethatjenbuilt_ on Instagram

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Include large mirrors

Mirrors give the illusion of space by reflecting light on the surface and are a great way to make your small bathroom look bigger than it is. Be brave and go for as large a mirror as possible or even a mirror spanning an entire wall. 

This next bathroom by Loud Architects is an absolute stunner and packs a punch for a really small space. The combination of the blue and the brass is just perfect, keeping it so on trend whilst looking luxurious. The wall hung toilet and basin are a wonderful way to keep the floor space free and the mix of tiles just adds so much detail. This bathroom also uses underfloor heating which frees up the wall space rather than a chunky radiator. If you don't have wet underfloor heating throughout your home, an electric underfloor heating system works well in a bathroom where you are only heating a really small space.

The shower over the bath is an obvious space saving idea and is perfect if you don't want to give up the bath in a small bathroom. Even if you aren't into baths but your intention is to sell your home, then keeping a bath is a good move.

The style final tip from this bathroom is the door - this bathroom features a pocket door which is such a great idea for a small bathroom as you won't have the door encroaching on the space. If you can't have a pocket door, do try and have the door opening into the hallway or the bedroom rather than the bathroom.

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Small Bathroom - by Loud Architects

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Be clever with the layout

If you think outside of the box with the layout, you can fit everything into a small bathroom just by being smart. Having a small bathroom doesn't mean you need to ditch a stand alone bathroom if you really love your time relaxing in your sanctuary! The plumbing will be a restricting factor if you don't have a large budget, however you can move things around to suit your dream layout if you want to spend a bit more.

This small bathroom by @_backtobrick_ on Instagram is one of the best small bathroom layouts we have seen where the space accommodates a large shower and a standalone freestanding bath. The walk in shower is large as it uses the entire width of the room and the bath is cleverly positioned behind the shower on a raised platform, defining the bath area in a separate zone. We also love the decor here with the small format hexagonal tiles set against large white metro tiles. There is also clever recessed shelving in the bath and shower area which provides so much space for toiletries. We just love it! 

The most clever small bathroom layout by @_backtobrick_ on Instagram

Choose super slim bathroom furniture

This bathroom in the home of @forestviewhouse is in a really small space which is just slightly over 1 metre wide - which is perfect to squeeze in an en-suite. Of course you can't fit both a shower and bath in here but the walk in shower is really spacious as it uses the whole width of the wall. The large format white tiles make the space looks really light and bright whilst the contrast with the black framed shower screen and the sink console look so stylish and contemporary.

What we love the most is the clever narrow sink and vanity unit. The unit was custom made and the sinks are slim design, making them fit perfectly whilst maximising every inch of this small bathroom. The vanity unit gives so much storage in here too which is just perfect. 

When designing your small bathroom, think about what you really need in there. A large walk in shower will give the illusion of far more space than a bath and shower squeezed in to one. Always think about how you live your life 95% of the time and make the room work for you.

We love this contemporary bathroom by @forestviewhouse on Instagram

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Be smart with the storage

This next small bathroom in the home of @lauracoxhome is so pretty and tranquil...the lovely soft furnishings and abundance of plants make it so homely. What we love the most is the clever storage unit which is set above the bath. It's really tall which makes the most of the high ceilings and completely out of sight, not taking up valuable space in this small bathroom.

There is plenty of light in this space too and the natural tones used in the decor keep the space feeling really bright and spacious. We just love it so much.

Beautiful tranquil bathroom in @lauracoxhome on Instagram

Frameless glass gives the illusion of space

This next bathroom by Clare Heffernan Architect defies what we have always been told about small spaces...and we absolutely love it for that! With strong colours and a bold print, this space has bags of individuality and personality and there are so many wonderful lessons you can take from this small bathroom. 

The floor tiles are the same throughout the space which gives the illusion of a far deeper bathroom. The shower screen is frameless which again gives the illusion of more space. The fixtures are traditional in style but very simple in design and the freestanding sink keeps the floor space free. 

We adore this wallpaper and patterned wall paper is such a fun idea in a bathroom like this - with no natural light it stops the room from feeling dull. The lovely gloss tiles work perfectly with the wallpaper and allow it to stand out!

Stunning bathroom by Clare Heffernan Architect

Walk in showers are a wonderful option

Think about a wetroom in your bathroom which will allow you to fit in a smaller shower without it feeling to cramped. We love the design of this bathroom by Bathroom Eleven where the open walk in shower is sectioned off only by a single frameless screen. By keeping it open, there is so much space and the wood effect tiles throughout the small bathroom further add to the space.

The freestanding bathtub set against the wall again means the space has been used to it's full potential without compromising on style and form. We also love the additional storage in the recessed shelf next to the bath which is such a wonderful idea...great inspiration for a small bathroom and the colours are perfectly calming and relaxing.

Bathroom by Bathroom Eleven

So here is a summary of our top tips on how to make the most out of a small bathroom....

1. Pocket doors are a wonderful option as they won't take up any space of the bathroom. However, if you aren't able to create a pocket door then have the door swinging out from the room. 

2. Think about a shower above the bath which works well if you want to keep a bath and don't have the layout to incorporate them both. 

3. Wall hung toilets and basins give you more floor space and gives the illusion of more room.

4. Choosing smaller consoles, sinks and baths will make sure they can fit into narrow areas without overcrowding the room.

5. Think of how you can be clever with the doesn't always need to be conventional to fit everything in you need. If you find it hard, get some help from a bathroom designer or an architect.

6. Underfloor heating is a great way to save space on a radiator and is totally luxurious. If you can't have underfloor heating, choose a small wall mounted shower rail.

7. Walk in showers are wonderful way to maximise the space and frameless glass makes them look much larger than they are.

8. Think about what you really need in your bathroom. If you don't like a bath then don't take up room with something that will never be used.

9. Wall mounted shelves, cabinets and plenty of hooks will free up floor space

Published: April 14, 2020

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