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It can often be confusing to know when to install a combi or conventional boiler, so here is our simple guide when you should install a combi boiler.

1. You are short on storage space

A combi boiler is one compact unit with no need for a separate hot water cylinder or a cold water tank. This is great if you need extra space. The unit can normally be hidden in your kitchen too.

2. You have one bathroom

Combi boilers struggle to run two hot water supplies at once. This isn’t an issue if you have one shower and it’s used continuously, but if you have two showers running at once you will find the boiler can't cope. Similarly if you have a busy house and someone turns on the washing machine, your shower may be disrupted.

3. You have sufficient mains pressure

As the central heating system runs off of the mains, there has to be enough pressure to keep it fired up. If the pressure drops below a certain level (normally 1 bar) then it will shut down. 

Some examples of when you should and shouldn't install a combi boiler:

A two bed flat with two adults and one bathroom

You are likely to be short on space and also not put high demands on the water with only one person having a shower at a time. In this instance a combi boiler would be perfect. Consider a conventional if you are looking to extend into the loft space in the future and create an additional bathroom.

A four bed house with a family of five

Being a family home there will be a lot of demand on the hot water and you are best to opt for a conventional boiler. You will also likely have enough space to store the hot water tank.

Published: July 11, 2018

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