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We see so many homes given an instant update by cladding all or part of the exterior. Cedral cladding is a great alternative to painted wood, so we got in touch with the Cedral team to find more out more about this material which is growing in popularity.

What makes the Cedral fibre cement cladding so durable?

The unique combination of cement, cellulose, man-made fillers and fibres and water used to manufacture the boards.

Why would you choose fibre cement over painted wood? 

Cedral cladding has the visual appeal of natural timber and is resistant to rot, low maintenance, does not warp or expand, immune to attack by pests and insects, stands up to the harshest weather conditions.

What do you need to do to maintain the Cedral cladding? 

For minor soiling, washing with a mild household detergent or soft soap solution followed by rinsing with clear water. We would not expect Cedral to require redecoration in the first 10 years.

Images kindly supplied by Cedral

How long should the Cedral cladding last before it needs to be replaced? 

It depends upon the location of the building, however we say Cedral lasts at least 50 years.

What happens if the Cedral cladding is scratched or chipped? 

The Cedral will not rot so chipping or scratching is an aesthetic issue only, small chips and scratches can be touched in using touch up paint.

Is there anything to watch out for before deciding to clad my home? 

If it's an existing property, check the substrate is suitable for the application. Check with the local authority to see whether local approvals are required. 

Cedral images kindly supplied by Cedral

Can my builder fit the cladding or does it need a specialist fitter? 

Cedral cladding can be fitted by anyone from a keen DIYer to a professional builder.

Does Cedral cladding provide insulation benefits? 

Alone, Cedral doesn't provide additional insulation, however as it is a rainscreen cladding system, insulation can be improved when fitted alongside external insulation.

How much does Cedral cladding cost?

Cedral is distributed through stockists and so any pricing questions should be checked with the nearest Cedral stockists. To give a rough approximation, on average Cedral costs between £25 and £30 per metre squared for Cedral Lap and between £35 and £40 per metre squared for Cedral Click (excluding fitting).

Anything else I need to know about Cedral cladding?

Cedral Lap and Cedral Click are installed to the ventilated rainscreen principle. This means air can flow in at the base of the system, behind the cladding and then out, over the top of the Cedral weatherboard system.

Published: June 11, 2020

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