Expert advice - kitchen storage design ideas

Keeping the kitchen streamlined and clutter-free can seem like a never-ending battle, particularly when the space is open-plan with no opportunity to simply close the door and put any disorganisation out of mind. Planning in some clever storage solutions at the design stages of a new project can therefore pay dividends.

As open-plan kitchens become increasingly commonplace there is less wall space available, making clever storage solutions essential in order to ensure a minimal, clutter-free environment.

We catch up with Masterclass Kitchens, who share with us some kitchen storage design ideas for your new kitchen.

MagnaSpace pull-out system from Masterclass Kitchens

Make sure you carefully plan the layout

Forward planning is key to an organised kitchen. Think about how the space will be used and the positioning of appliances, which will help identify the storage ‘hot-spots’. If there are areas of your current kitchen design that are prone to clutter, then think about how the addition of storage solutions could help.

Think about the items you need regularly

It is important to consider how often are you likely to need particular items and how easy they need to be to get to. Then think about where your appliances will be sited so that cookware and cutlery can be stored within easy reach of them, for example.

LineaPlus deep drawers from Masterclass Kitchens

Make the most out of the space

There are a whole host of storage solutions available that will maximise on space and make sure that everything has its place. Among the simplest of these are deep, wide drawers – easy to pull out and ideal for situating close to the oven, these can house larger items such as pots and pans and crockery. For smaller items such as cutlery and spices, consider some drawer dividers so that nothing goes astray.

Storage is often incorporated into island units too, while tall units with pull-out drawer systems make effective use of the space from floor to ceiling, ideal for hiding away larger items while ensuring everything is still easy to reach.

Store your food in one place

Food needs to be kept in a cool, dry environment, near to the food preparation area and this is where a floor to ceiling pantry system really comes into its own, particularly for keen cooks who often work with lots of ingredients. A Mary Berry-style walk-in pantry must be every baker’s dream.

The Hathaway Pantry from Masterclass Kitchens

Minimise drawers and doors

Too many drawers and doors can actually have a detrimental effect on the design of the open-plan kitchen, with the fewer the better being the best way of achieving a neat, streamlined design. This is why internal storage is so on trend, with a wealth of storage

Published: September 3, 2018

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