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Nothing can quite compare to beautiful solid wood flooring in your home. Solid wood adds warmth and character and looks great with age - often adding to the charm. We catch up with Woodpecker Flooring who filled us in on everything from caring for solid wood to how much you should expect to pay.

Love Renovate: How do I look after and maintain solid wood flooring?

Woodpecker Flooring: It’s easy to make sure your wood flooring always looks its best and lasts longer. Vacuum regularly to remove rogue bits of grit from the floor and use a well-wrung mop for deeper cleans. We recommend a cleaning solution that has been developed for safe use on wood floors. Bear in mind that soap-based solutions and steam cleaners could damage your floor.

Rugs are a great idea too. Coir matting will help to trap grit at entrances and runners can protect your floor in heavy traffic areas such as the hallway. Add felt protectors to furniture legs and avoid wearing stilettos on the surface. If you have pets, keep an eye out for accidents and make sure they’re wiped up immediately.

York Whitewash Solid Oak by Woodpecker Flooring

Love Renovate: What kind of finish is popular right now? Is there a particular variety of wood that is popular? 

WF: Matt Lacquered is one of our most popular wood finishes as it’s both scratch-resistant and has a lovely satin sheen. Lacquered finishes are also easier to maintain than oiled finishes.

As for varieties of wood, oak is our bestseller and also the species that makes up the majority of our range. Natural shades such as York Rustic Oak are always popular but we’ve also found a trend for darker shades in a traditional style more recently. York Antique Oak with its handscraped surface and rich rustic details is a perfect example.   

Love Renovate: Is the grade of the wood important? 

WF: Grading is used to separate planks with a lot of character from those with less. A Select grade is given to our floors that have a refined look with few knots and details. Rustic is the grade for planks with a natural spread of character. Floors that have an unlimited level of natural beauty are graded Extra Rustic.

Grading is definitely something you should bear in mind when it comes to choosing a wood floor. For example, a Select floor will create a more contemporary, understated look than a Rustic.

Love Renovate: What thickness of wood do you recommend? 

WF: It takes 100 years for just 1mm of oak to wear when laid in a residential home. With this in mind, an 18mm solid wood floor is more than able to manage footfall in the home for a long period of time.

York Antique Solid Oak by Woodpecker Flooring

Love Renovate: How long should solid wood last for in my home? 

WF: With some love and care, a solid wood floor can last for more than a lifetime.

Love Renovate: How much should I expect to pay per metre squared? 

WF: Prices will vary depending on the type of wood flooring you choose, although solid wood flooring is typically less expensive than engineered wood. In our catalogue, solid wood flooring prices start at £55.95 per square metre.   

Love Renovate: Who is best to fit my new wood flooring? 

WF: Your nearest retailer can help you with choosing a wood floor that’s suitable for your home and arrange a qualified fitter. 

York Select Solid Oak from Woodpecker Flooring

Love Renovate: Is solid wood flooring compatible with underfloor heating? 

WF: We don’t recommend pairing solid wood flooring with underfloor heating as the changeable temperatures could cause the planks to warp. Engineered wood flooring is designed to overcome this problem and provides excellent stability.

Love Renovate: What kind of underlay is required or can it go straight on concrete floor? 

WF: Solid wood floors can be stuck down directly to a concrete subfloor without underlay. They can also be secret-nailed to joists.

Love Renovate: Is solid wood suitable for all rooms? 

WF: Solid wood is great for all rooms in the home apart from the bathroom. Too much moisture can cause the natural material to warp, causing permanent damage to your floor.

Love Renovate: Anything else I should consider? 

WF: As a final thought, we’d always suggest looking at large samples before making a choice. Wood floors feature beautiful colour variations that naturally occur in real wood. Be aware that a small sample might not capture the range of lovely light and dark shades you’ll notice when your floor is laid.

Published: October 12, 2018

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