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Kitchen island pendant lights are one of the must have features that will finish off any kitchen island. Once the demolition and build stage of your renovation is complete, it's such an exciting time to choose the finishes that can really set off your kitchen, and kitchen island pendant lighting is one of those features that can really add personality to your kitchen.

There are so many things to consider when choosing your kitchen island pendant light, including the side of the pendant, how many pendant lights you should have and also the height that the pendant should be.

We answer your most popular pendant light questions and share some of our very favourite kitchen island pendant lights to give you inspiration!

How big should my kitchen island pendant lights be?

The size of the kitchen island pendant light is dependent on a couple of factors; the width of your island unit and the height of your ceiling. 

So if you have a wide island then you can go for a larger statement pendant light. A high ceiling will also mean you have the space for a wow kitchen island pendant light.

We love these gold pendant lights in the stunning home of Insta account With the high apex ceiling and the wonderful large island unit, these pendant lights don't overpower but create such a stunning feature and tie the gold accents together. They are also way above eye level which means they won't obstruct the view into the beautiful kitchen.

These large gold statement pendant lights look stunning in the home of Lights from Tom Dixon studio.

What height should the kitchen island pendant light be?

This is such an important consideration as you don't want the pendant light blocking your view into the kitchen and have to duck under the light to see into the kitchen. Additionally, if you use your island to prep food, you really want to have plenty of space.

As a general rule of thumb, the pendant light should be between 30 - 36 inches from the top of island unit to the bottom of the pendant light. Before deciding on the height do hold them at your chosen height to check the gap is enough for your particular home and family...factors such as how tall you are will have an impact on how high they should be.

We love these pendant lights below from Insta account @_charlottesweeting_. Even though the ceiling is not particularly high, there is plenty of space between the worktop and the bottom of the pendant. These are large pendants but they work so well as the colour blends seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen..we also love the touch of gold which adds a contemporary look.

These pendant lights give a warm look in the home of @_charlottesweeting_. Lights by Pooky.

How much space should I leave between my kitchen island pendant lights?

To stop the kitchen island pendant island units looking over crowded, a basic rule of thumb is to leave roughly the space between each pendant equal to the width of the pendant. So if you want to have three pendants over a small island, choose narrow teardrop lights so the space doesn't feel cluttered.

We love the kitchen in the home of @sandstone_and_sawdust on Insta, it's completely timeless and elegant. These pendant lights work so well as the glass adds to the minimalist look whilst still being a beautiful feature. 

If your island unit isn't as wide as this one, you can opt for similar lights in a smaller size to create the same effect.

Beautiful glass pendant lights in the home of @sandstone_and_sawdust. Lights from Neptune.

How many kitchen pendant lights do I need for a kitchen island?

There are a few factors to consider when deciding how many kitchen island pendant lights to choose. Three pendant lights are the most popular choice, as typically the rule of three is the design guide with interiors in the home. 

If you have a smaller island and really keen on three pendants, then consider going for small pendants that don't dominate. Glass pendants also works well if you are hanging your pendants over a smaller island unit.

Don't be afraid to opt for two larger statement pendants which can look amazing. We love the kitchen from Insta account @thehouseofdickenstocks, which has a wonderful industrial look. They have opted for two striking pendants positioned on either side of the sink, which works well from a practical perceptive whilst looking amazing too.

Striking industrial kitchen pendant lights from Insta account @thehouseofdickenstocks. Pendant lights are from Wayfair.

Another great option is to choose a triple bar light, where you get the impact of three pendants but it takes up far less space....this looks really great over a narrower island. 

This glass triple bar pendant light in the home of Insta account @blossomingbirds works perfectly in their gorgeous kitchen...the light is positioned with plenty of space between the counter and pendant and the triple bar gives a wonderful effect whilst not dominating the island.

This triple bar light looks wonderful in the kitchen of @blossomingbirds

Do you need to have pendant lights over a kitchen island?

Although pendant lights are so popular, many choose not to go for them. If your hob is on your island then you may decide against pendant lights, or if you do they should be positioned to the side and not directly above. Also, you will be limited if you have a skylight or roof lantern above your island.

Some choose to keep the view completely clear from the island and opt for feature lighting above the dining room table....although there is nothing to say that you can't have both!

If you are looking for some ideas for kitchen island pendant lights, then here are some of our very favourites!

1. Glass Dome Pendant Large: £195, Cox & Cox

This is such a simple design which works so effectively over the kitchen island and has proven to be a popular choice. The classic glass dome looks great in all styles of kitchen but we see them the most with a traditional shaker. 

Glass is a popular choice for good reason; it doesn't dominate the island and keeps the site lines clear too. 

These glass pendant lights are available in a smaller size too, so they work well on both large and small island units, with either two or three in a row.

Size: H 44 x D 29 cm

For more ideas for glass pendant light, check out Glass Pendant Lights - 7 Of Our Favourite Designs.

20% Cox & Cox discount code: LOVE20

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2. Brass & Glass Valli Pendant Light: £160, Pooky

We adore these elegant brass and glass pendant lights from Pooky.

They have an art deco charm to them, with the stunning glass rods which create such a stylish look whilst being simplistic in design.

Pooky have a gorgeous range of the glass rod detailed pendant lights, but these we think would look so stylish above an island...think teamed with dark green cabinets and dark flooring for a sophisticated look.

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3. Madison Smoked Glass Pendant: £75, Cotswold Co.

A wonderful small glass pendant that is priced really well too. 

The smoked glass gives a lovely vintage look, whilst still being so simple in design and size. The narrow width means three could look wonderful over a smaller island unit.

Size: D 20.5 cm

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4. Copper Dome Pendant: £159, Industville

Copper accessories are as popular as ever and introducing a copper pendant light is a great way to add a new look to your kitchen, without having to spend too much. 

The matt finish gives this pendant a strong industrial look and we think it would be perfect teamed with a dark green or navy kitchen island.

Check out our article 7 Of The Best Copper Pendant Lights for more ideas.

Size: H 33 x W 33 cm

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5. Globe Pearl Drop Pendant Light: £155, Rockett St George

This beautiful white glass pendant will add so much style to a contemporary kitchen.

It's such a simple design but but the detail of the brass fitting gives it such a unique look. It will also look wonderful on a dim setting in the evening to add some soft lighting in your kitchen.

Size: D 30 cm

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6. Large and Long Luxor Lantern: £375, Pooky

A triple or quad bar light is a great option, particularly if you don't have a huge island unit but want the impact of several lights. 

We think the combination of the brass and clear glass is so striking here and would create a really wonderful focal point above any island unit. The brass frame is delicate so it won't dominate or look too heavy either.

This pendant light would look equally perfect in a modern shaker style of kitchen as well as a contemporary industrial looking kitchen too.

Size: H 33 x W 84 x D 24 cm

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7. Concrete Pendant: £145, Cox & Cox

Cox & Cox have a beautiful range of pendant lights, which is why we have chosen another from their range.

This grey concrete pendant light is a lovely dome shape with a rope style cable, which gives a soft artisan look. 

The pendant is perfect if you want to create an industrial style in your kitchen but don't want to invest in concrete worktops or floors. Or if you have got the stunning concrete fixtures, this pendant will add to the beautiful natural look.

Size: H 25 x D 30 cm

20% Cox & Cox discount code: LOVE20

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8. Goodhew Pendant Light Large: £134, Pooky

A classic dome pendant light will never go out of fashion and looks equally wonderful in contemporary and traditional style of kitchens. 

For a modern twist go for this dome pendant light from Pooky, which is finished in gold on the inside that creates a lovely warm look. The outside is available in white, bronze and black, so there is something to suit all kitchens.

Size: H 32 x D 60 cm

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9. Mirror Ball Pendant Gold 40cm: £630, Tom Dixon

We first fell in love with these gold pendant lights when we saw them on Instagram and think they really create the most glamorous look.

The shiny gold creates such a statement which will also give a wonderful bright metallic glow...perfect for a party kitchen! They are also available in a smaller 25cm or you can choose to go large with a diameter of 45cm for a real statement.

Size: H 40 x W 40 cm

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10. Conical Pewter Glass Pendant Light: £80, House of Flora

Fluted glass is having a real moment and these stunning lights are perfect if you want a vintage looking shade.

Available with either pewter, copper or brass, these pendant lights would look amazing in all styles of kitchen island.

They are well priced and also small in width, making them perfect for both large and small kitchen islands.

Side: H22.5cm x W18cm x D18cm

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Published: July 4, 2022

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