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Kitchens are the most loved room in any renovation and we see fabulous ideas on a daily basis. Never before has there been such a broad range of styles and ideas and we love seeing so many new trends emerging.

We chat to some of the leading kitchen designers who share with us the latest trends that they see...with everything from beautiful green tones to the sustainable kitchen, we have so many lovely ideas to inspire you today!

Sustainable choices in the production of the kitchen

As with everything in our lives, we are seeing a growing number of homes think about sustainable options and this is becoming even more important when designing a kitchen. Mark Taylor Design notes that they have seen a growing number of requests for sustainable paint to be used in their handmade kitchens, using paint with low or no VOC for a sustainable choice. There are many wonderful brands right now, with Mark Taylor Design using Graphenstone as an eco-friendly and toxic free paint.

Bespoke kitchen companies continue to think up innovative ways to make their process more sustainable too. Shere Kitchens, a bespoke handmade kitchen company, focus on sustainability as a key value of their production. Initiatives such as planting a tree for every kitchen they make and using offcuts to create bug homes for the local community - show such innovative ways to waste less material and help the local biodiversity.

Sustainable shaker kitchen by Shere Kitchens

Green is a growing colour choice

Deep blue has been the most popular colour in the kitchen over the past few years and whilst it is still a popular choice, we have seen a growing popularity with green kitchens. Rob Kemp, Managing Director of Kitchens by Kemp, chats to us about the growing colour trends.

"2020 seems to be breaking away from the same predictable trends of previous few years. Greys have dominated the industry for quite some time now and they have rightly earned their place as a safe choice to go for when designing new kitchen and bedroom furniture. People are now collectively wanting to push towards new exciting trends and styles, whilst still maintaining a luxurious and desirable finish. Introducing dark forest and avocado greens with accent finishes." says Rob.

"Green is making a welcome entrance on to the scene with sophisticated dark door colours, warm brass or copper feature elements such as handles and taps. Of course these colours need to be carefully selected with other elements in the room to ensure everything flows together harmoniously." The kitchen below shows a modern green kitchen mixed with copper handles and oak worktops.

Beautiful copse green kitchen by Kitchens by Kemp

Create a mid-century look with plywood kitchens

A growing kitchen trend we are seeing in 2020 are plywood cabinets...whether it's mixed with white units for a minimalist Scandi look, or finished in a bold colour to create the mid-century finish, we really love this trend for something a bit different. 

Plywood is also growing in popularity for new kitchens, as it creates a lovely finish, is a cheaper material to work with, an easy material for carpenters to use and is also a sustainable choice. Just make sure you look out for FSC certified materials. 

Companies like HØLTE are making wonderful bespoke plywood cabinets and worktops which are then fitted to Ikea kitchens. This concept reduces the overall cost of the kitchen and is perfect if your budget won't allow a fully bespoke or designer lead kitchen.

Modern plywood kitchen by HØLTE

Sleek contemporary kitchens

Monochrome colours and sleek units are still extremely popular if you want to create a contemporary look in your kitchen. We continue to see matt dark grey handleless units for a really modern looking kitchen. Vivienne Warman, Director of Kitchen Co-Ordination shares with us her tips for a contemporary kitchen in 2020.

"At the moment a sleek look without handleless definitely is the main focus, with many clients asking for a handless kitchen," says Vivienne. "We see so many clients choosing a dark kitchen now with light surface to lift the colour."

Also adding to the modern kitchen are the wonderful selection of appliances that can be integrated into your kitchen. "Clients are much more knowledgeable about appliances now - there is so much information available on the internet and clients do tend to read up on everything prior to contacting a kitchen company." says Vivienne.

Popular appliances continue to be the hot water taps, minimalist extractor fans and integrated coffee machines...anything that makes life easier and looks wonderful in a contemporary kitchen.

Contemporary kitchen by Kitchen Co-Ordination

Integrating the kitchen into your home

The growing kitchen trend of integrating your kitchen into the home and making your kitchen feel more like furniture than a traditional kitchen, lends itself to the way we live now where we are all together more as a family rather than in different spaces. 

Mark Taylor, Managing Director Mark Taylor Design, tells us of innovative ways they are integrating different aspects of the home into the kitchen.

"A trend we have seen is the inclusion of a home office seamlessly into the kitchen space. For a project which we recently completed, the owner had a large kitchen dining room, split by a wide peninsula. She was keen to have a desk and files in her kitchen, but not to take up valuable work surface space, or have papers lying around. We utilised the far side of the peninsula at the end of the kitchen, putting a pull-out desk there. It’s attractive and streamlined, and fits with the look and feel of the contemporary kitchen, on the light, bright dining side of the space. The desk pushes easily under the peninsula to hide papers and mess when guests are around or the dining area is in use." says Mark.

Kitchen by Mark Taylor Design

Individuality is key

Never before have we seen such uniqueness and personality around the kitchen. Mixing different coloured cabinets, combining units with open shelving and using different materials on the floor and walls...these are just some of the ways to really make your kitchen unique. 

We love this kitchen from on Instagram, which has the most amazing orange island unit, wonderful patterned tiled floor and exposed brick wall. What we love the most is the open shelving which is home to the most fabulous plants and really integrates the kitchen with the outdoor space!

Gorgeous kitchen by on Instagram

Patterned worktops

We have seen light white marble effect worktops lead in popularity over the past few years which will continue to be a dominant trend, but we are now seeing patterned worktops in demand. 

With a growing number of renovators choosing engineered worktops that imitate natural stone, we are seeing more bold choices like strong veined granite and marble designs that we wouldn't have been so confident to choose before.

Terrazzo kitchen worktops are a trend that we will see surge in popularity this year, with the strong pattern looking wonderful in a contemporary kitchen. Made from chips of waste material which are cast into resin or concrete, the effect is just so beautiful. It's also another eco-friendly option for your kitchen. We adore this worktop in this stunning kitchen by Witlof, where the island unit takes centre stage in this beautiful kitchen.

Terrazzo worktops on this kitchen by Witlof

Natural looking kitchens

We are seeing more and more natural and wood kitchen cabinets in 2020 as a strong alternative to a painted kitchen. Unlike the glossy wood effect kitchens of the 80s and 90s, these are far more raw in appearance and really look wonderful mixed with all sorts of materials and looks.

In particular, natural wood really channels the industrial trend which is continuing to lead the way; consider combining wood with exposed steel beams, concrete worktops and grey units for a strong kitchen trend in 2020. 

We love this kitchen below by Armorel which is a beautiful bespoke kitchen, combining a natural oak cabinet with a concrete effect island and chunky aga. We love how the detail is in the combination of materials, with the white backdrop allowing the kitchen to stand out.

 Kitchen by Armorel

Published: April 21, 2020

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