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Some people have a real knack of putting things together to create a truly individual home. When we came across projectsfromwaltonroad on Instagram, we instantly fell in love with this renovation project. It oozes personality with the combination of colours and finishes, giving it a boho look that is so unique and homely.

We love so much about this home...the kitchen finished in the dusky green with the amazing feature tiles on the island unit, and the beautifully bright entrance hall with the grandfather clock that looks like it's always been there.

Thank you to Charlotte, who shares with us her renovation journey and how she created this stunning home.

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Tell us about your home and renovation project? 

When we started to look for our new house I wasn't too keen on the 1930s style that we have around our area. I love period homes and wanted some character. But when I saw this house, the front door, location and garden, it won me over. 

We had gone to the lower end of our budget as we knew we wanted to make it open plan and basically start again. It was a 3 bed semi which hadn't been touched in 40 years. But I just knew we could do some magic in it! 

We smashed the whole downstairs out, went out sideways as much as the council would let us and did a double side and single back extension. We moved the position of the stairs which allowed better sized rooms downstairs and upstairs. At the time we didn't think we would be having another child so kept it as a 3 bed but with an ensuite in our master bedroom and good sized family bathroom. Originally it was a separate loo and shower room which wasn't convenient at all. 

The beautiful bathroom with stunning dark walls

What made you want to do a renovation in the first place? 

We kept viewing beautiful Victorian properties but we just couldn't afford to do what we wanted. After viewing quite a lot of houses we decided it would be best to get something we could do ourselves. Best decision ever! 

The lounge in the open plan area - this storage is fantastic in this family home

What was your biggest challenge throughout the process? 

Everything, I seriously felt this house was cursed! Everything went wrong from start to finish. But we kept going, I would be down on site every week as much as possible kicking the builders arse. When I fell pregnant this added a whole new dimension to it. 

We love the grandfather clock in the hall

Where do you get your style ideas from and what influences it?

I get my inspiration from everywhere and I've travelled quite a lot, so I get it from all sorts of places. When I see something I love, I take it and make it my own.

My mum also has been an inspiration to me - she is very eclectic too but not as much as me! I love the Scandinavian style but I also love dark, boho, industrial type of decor. I do really love most styles and can appreciate what others have to offer! 

Since finding Instagram it's hugely changed how I view decor, to not be scared and do what you want as it's your home! Some of my friends say if they tried to put together what I have it would be a disaster 😂 I'll take that as a compliment! 

These tiles turn the island unit into a feature

Shop the look

Kitchen cabinets - painted in Green Smoke by Farrow & Ball

What are you most proud of in your new home? 

My kitchen and bathroom. I just love them and so pleased we could do what we wanted. I do love our home!

The kitchen has a fabulous concrete worktop and sink

What do friends say about your home? 

My friends love it, some think there might be too much clutter and others appreciate doing things your own way! I think it helps others be braver with their own home too. I love being an inspiration to others, even if it's something small like a paint colour! 

The front door is so bright and welcoming - it's perfect set against the dark grey

Shop the look

Door - painted in Babouche by Farrow & Ball

What advice would you give for anyone starting out? 

Definitely get an architect! We tried to cut costs by using someone who knew the council and could draw plans but they didn't think innovatively enough for my liking. 

Searching online we were able to get amazing deals on items such as the bath and the kitchen units. Do what you love and not just because it's in fashion at the time! Have fun and be bold! 

How original is this feature lighting above the dining table?!

If you are thinking about a renovation in the near future and need some help with where to start with your project, try our renovation advice session.

Renovation Advice Session

Published: September 1, 2019

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