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We head back up to Scotland for this week's renovation tour of an amazing sandstone period property. This account caught our eye as it had been sympathetically renovated in-keeping with the period of the home but with so many modern twists.

The colour palette is just so beautiful with dusky pink, white and grey throughout the home, creating a wondering flow.

We chat to Kim who fills us in on her renovation journey and shares her advice if you are just starting out! Check out the_home_kim_built on Instagram for more beautiful pictures.

Can you tell us about your home and renovation project?

My home was built in the 1890s, it's a four in a block sandstone with super high ceilings and full of original features. 

I grew up in the street having lived here since I was born - my mum only lives 3 doors away. I had been trying for a year to buy a property here but had zero luck on closing dates. Luckily with this one we did a private sale and because we knew the lady she was so pleased for me to get it. The moment I walked in I cried - I knew it was meant to be. Cheesy I know, but it instantly felt like home...it was a real "what's for you won't go by you" moment.

It was a full reno from top to bottom. The lady I purchased it from had lived here for 55 years and I'm unsure if she had decorated in that time. There were layers of patterned carpets and wallpaper. The famous turquoise bath suit, a tiny kitchen, horrendous gas fires and the beautiful panels throughout the house had been hidden under plywood. To my astonishment I found an original fireplace in the spare bedroom (that was another crying moment)!

It just added to the excitement for me being able to put my stamp on it all.

Living room with the beautiful panelling and high ceilings

What was the most challenging part of the renovation? 

The stress that comes with a renovation is on a level I had never experienced before. Finding reliable workmen who saw the same vision I did too was pretty difficult.

The biggest job I would say was changing the bathroom into the wet room. A lot of work went into that small space but its turned out amazing and it's the room that everyone feels has WOW factor...and they are kind of right ha!

Kim created a wet room in the original bathroom

Did you have a budget and can you tell us how you stuck to it? 

I guess everyone goes in with a budget. I said around 12k but this didn't include the tradesmen. 

I can safely say that budget got blown as I splashed out on certain things like the tiles in my bathroom and kitchen, but those are things I'll never plan to lift so I don't mind. Plus I'll also be here for the next 55 years so it was worth every penny.

What a welcoming entrance - we love the penny tiles!

Where is your favourite place in your home now?

Ahh this question is so difficult. It's funny, it really depends how I'm feeling that day as I toss between my kitchen and my living room. They are polar opposites but tonight I'll go with my kitchen.

This room was once a second living room onto the tiny kitchen. I had no use for two living rooms so decided to take the plunge and make a large kitchen and dining space.

The kitchen itself is from Wren and is part of the Milano ultra range. I adore it. It's such a calming room because of how minimal it is and the colours. I think the high gloss flooring and LED lights under the units reflecting off one another is beautiful. I really am a lucky girl.

The modern kitchen works so well

What is your biggest piece of advice for somebody about to start a renovation project?

The biggest piece of advice I can give anyone is believe in your vision and believe in yourself above all. Some people won't see what you see until it's completed and some people may never, and that's ok. 

When you feel you can't deal with the stress anymore just remember why you're doing it. Look back on previous photos and take new ones and compare. There is no better feeling than when you see the progress you may have been missing under the stress, that will give you the extra jump-start you need.

The elegant bedroom with traditional radiators

What do friends and family say about your home?

My friends and family are super proud of how it turned out - they love it and really enjoying popping over for dinner or movie nights. 

I was lucky to invite the ladies daughter who lived here previously over after it had been completed. She was honestly in awe of it and couldn't believe it was the same house she had known for all those years. She said her mum would be so happy with what I had done. That really did mean a lot.

Beautiful freestanding mirror in the living room

Published: October 15, 2019

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