A Blonde Sandstone Victorian Home Is Restored







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We absolutely love period properties and think they can make the most amazing renovations - often untouched for many years the transformation can be incredible. We have only recently come across @sandstone_and_sawdust on Instagram, but we immediately fell in love. 

The wonderful period features have been preserved, including the most amazing staircase which has the original Victorian iron spindles. The decor is a lovely palette of white and cream which keeps the home so bright and tranquil.

We chat to the owner, Janie, who shares with us her renovation story and advice.

Can you tell us about your home and renovation project?

Our home is a blonde sandstone villa built in 1880 situated on a quiet street on the outskirts of Glasgow. We fell in love with the location, the original Victorian features, high ceilings and bay windows. 

Sadly the house had been neglected for several decades and needed serious renovating from top to bottom. We replaced the roof, all the sash windows, and fitted a new heating and plumbing system. The ground floor was reconfigured to better suit our needs adding an open plan kitchen/living extension.

The beautiful shaker kitchen extension with so much light from the skylights

What was your biggest challenge during the renovation? 

Our biggest challenge was the sheer scale of the reno. On the day we were handed the keys we felt completely shell shocked and overwhelmed with what we had taken on! Fast forward 2 years and we’re so glad we took the opportunity. It’s definitely been worth it.

We love the panelling in the downstairs toilet

Did you have a budget and how did you stick to it? 

The “B” word! Victorian houses are magnificent BUT renovating one does throw up plenty of hidden costs. Our budget was severely stretched to say the least. We knew the roof needed some repair work but to hear that the whole thing needed replaced was a shock! So, before starting out make sure you have a large contingency, just in case.

The most amazing staircase - it's so bright and welcoming

What are you most proud of and why?

I must say we are most proud of giving a beautiful, historic home, a new lease of life.

The gorgeous front door with the wonderful tiles 

Where is your favourite place in your home now?

That’s a tough one, we do love the new kitchen but we’d probably have to say the staircase. There’s something about the beauty and history of the original part of the house we love.

The staircase is so wonderful  

What would be your biggest piece of advice for anyone about to start out?

Choose your builders wisely. Our builders were brilliant, their attention to detail was fantastic and they genuinely cared about making an excellent job. Renovating is stressful, you simply can’t get away from that fact, but a good builder can help to make the whole process that much smoother.

Beautiful freestanding bath

If you are thinking about a renovation project in the near future and need some help finding an architect or designer, we can match you with the most suitable ones for your project.

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Published: June 15, 2020

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