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A white kitchen will be forever a timeless choice in your home. Bright, crisp and minimalist looking, white is a stylish option which continues to be hugely popular.

With so many different styles and colour combinations, a white kitchen can work so well to create a striking contemporary look or a relaxed Scandi vibe.

So here are our favourite white kitchen ideas to give you some amazing inspiration.

If you are thinking about a new kitchen in the near future and need some help finding a local kitchen designer, we can match you with the most suitable ones for your project.

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1. Monochrome kitchens are so on trend

From bathrooms to lounges, monochrome continues to be a huge trend in 2021, so a black and white kitchen will keep your kitchen style right up-to-date. 

We think the Insta account @londonhomeproject has shown how to create the perfect monochrome kitchen. The simple, streamlined units are painted black on the base with white wall cabinets, creating a wonderful sense of space. The white waterfall unit adds to the smart contemporary look too.

The look is softened with the oak flooring, stools and shelves, adding a relaxed look to the kitchen.

Kitchen in the home of @londonhomeproject

2. Combine white with oak to add texture

We think the handleless white kitchen from the home of Insta account @my_fantasy_extension is so modern in style, keeping the space so smart and bright. 

What we particularly love here is the combination of the white and wood cabinets, with the pale wood effect on the wall cabinets and island unit adding some texture.

The rattan chairs are such a stylish addition which really soften the look and are so current in style.

Kitchen in the home of @my_fantasy_extension

3. White works well in a classic kitchen too

This traditional in-frame kitchen by Drew Forsyth & Co shows that white can work beautifully in a more classic style of kitchen, creating a feeling of space and simplicity.

The floor to ceiling cabinets painted in white blend seamlessly with the white walls, as do the gloss white tiles and the light worktops. 

We love the contrast with the black island unit, which stands out against the white kitchen. The black taps, lighting and handles bring the whole look together for a timeless kitchen.

Kitchen by Drew Forsyth & Co

4. Combine white with modern appliances for the ultimate contemporary look

This stunning white kitchen from the home of Insta account @rugrats.and.renovation shows you how to create the perfect modern white kitchen.

The handleless cabinets work so well with the large peninsula and the modern appliances add to the minimalist modern look. 

We love the window behind the sink which allows so much light into this space whilst creating a striking feature. The lighting under the island adds to the modern look which will look amazing in the evening too.

Kitchen in the home of @rugrats.and.renovation

5. Introduce some colour for a fun look

For a fun family kitchen, adding colour with the white kitchen cabinets will keep the space feeling bright and cheerful.

This white kitchen island has been combined with bright blue wall cabinets and pops of yellow in the skylight. We love the stools which add a playful look to the scheme too.

The large sliding doors allow an abundance of light to flood in, keeping this kitchen uplifting and bright.

Kitchen by Design A Space

6. Combine white with grey for a cool contemporary look

This beautiful white kitchen from Insta account @the.house.at.no.36 is so stylish and laid back.

The kitchen is in a stunning period home, where the walls have been left free of cabinets to emphasise the beautiful high ceiling. The light grey cabinets have been combined with a beautiful white marble effect waterfall island and casual white metro tiles. 

We love those pendant lights and all of the greenery, which create a relaxed artisan look.

Kitchen in the home of @the.house.at.no.36

7. Off-white adds warmth with touches of brass

This off-white kitchen is so elegant and shows again that white works perfectly in a more traditional style of kitchen. We love the bespoke floor to ceiling cabinets, combined with the long brass handles and taps which create a classic look.

The light oak flooring and white walls add to the spacious look in here, whilst the skylight allows so much light in this wonderful open plan kitchen.

Kitchen by G&D Cabinet Makers

8. White gives the illusion of more space

White is a smart choice if you have a small kitchen, as the white allows the light to bounce around the room which keeps the kitchen feeling spacious.

This kitchen in the home of Insta account @tobyshome has been painted in off-white and combined with grey walls and white worktops. 

It's such a simple and timeless kitchen which has been styled to perfection.

Kitchen in the home of @tobyshome

9. Style with concrete for an industrial look

Insta account @renovating_no_24 have created a striking modern industrial look in their kitchen, which works so well in this period property.

Combining the white wall units and island with a polished concrete floor and marble worktops, the kitchen is so stylish and has a very relaxed look to it.

The white wall cabinets allow a sense of space in the kitchen, whilst maximising the storage too. We love the contrast with the floor to ceiling black cabinets which create a striking look. 

Kitchen in the home of @renovating_no_24

10. Pair white with plywood for a natural Scandi look

Plywood kitchens are one of the biggest growing kitchen trends as it's environmentally friendly, easy to work with and cost effective.

Exposed plywood combined with white creates a simple and natural look, perfect if you love the laid back Scandi style.

We love this kitchen in the side return which is so light and bright, with strong pops of colour to add some fun into the kitchen. 

Extension by CCASA Architects

11. A large white island to create a statement

This white kitchen island unit in the home of @houseof_hannah is so striking and creates a wonderful focal point in this huge open plan area.

Combined with the matt grey units, the white island unit looks so smart and clean looking and provides the most amazing sociable and practical space.

We love the frameless skylight and the large sliding doors which add to the sharp contemporary look.

Kitchen in the home of @houseof_hannah

12. Choose two tones to soften the look

Combining white kitchen cabinets with another tone adds interest and softens the look, like this one from @the_home_kim_built.

The white kitchen cabinets combined with pink create a lovely warm look, with the light grey walls and dark worktops adding to the contemporary style.

We love the rose gold details too, which create a lovely glamorous look in this beautiful kitchen.

Kitchen in the home of @the_home_kim_built

How to make white kitchen cabinets work

  • Waterfall islands work really well if you want to introduce white into your kitchen. Marble effect worktops are also a popular choice but wood and grey work so well too, adding warmth and contrast to the white kitchen.
  • Combine white units with bright colours like blue and pink for a fun family kitchen.
  • To introduce warmth into a white kitchen, consider oak flooring, cabinets or even brass handles and taps.
  • Monochrome kitchens are very popular right now and create a stylish look, allowing the black to stand out
  • White doesn't need to be reserved for modern kitchens, it works well in a more traditional room to really create a feeling of tranquillity. Consider off-white which works well with a traditional kitchen.
  • White kitchens will tend to show up marks easier, so choose cabinets that are easy to clean, particularly if you have a young family.
  • Two tones are a popular choice to add some interest to the space and create a unique look. Neutral colours such as grey and black work well, as do bright colours.
  • Handleless cabinets and modern appliances work well to create a modern and streamlined look with a white kitchen.

If you are thinking about a new kitchen in the near future and need some help finding a local kitchen designer, we can match you with the most suitable ones for your project.

Kitchen designer matching service

Published: March 3, 2021

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