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Guarnieri Architects

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"Where ambition meets design"

Guarnieri Architects

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Our location

3 Futura House
169 Grange Road

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Our story

Guarnieri Architects is a design-led, contemporary architecture practice, based in London.
Its work focuses on improving people’s everyday life and their wellbeing in or around buildings.
The practice has developed a special sensibility for urban and cultural context and is committed towards making the world a more sustainable place.
Guarnieri Architects specialises in work on existing stock, heritage buildings and work in conservation areas for the residential sector for private and commercial clients.
It has vast experience in upgrading existing houses to contemporary residential standards and is an industry leader in the design of glass structures.

Architects & Designers Project range: £100,000 - £10,000,000


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Project: Victoria remix




This was a house built for a different kind of life in a different kind of century: it had poorly lit lower floors, staircases which broke the connections between the different rooms, and a disconnection between inside and outside spaces.

The clients wanted the opposite: open-plan spaces, natural light, a blurring of inside and outside, and a healthy, uplifting environment. After a mixture of restoration and innovation, they now have it all: flowing spaces, a new ‘wellness floor’, and a double-


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Project: Whites Grounds




The reorganisation of this penthouse accommodation in the Bermondsey street conservation area offered the opportunity to remodel the roof of the existing building. The new addition follows the geometry of the existing roof, projecting it towards the rear. The use of glass achieves a contemporary look that successfully contrast with the old slate roof.


Project: Bishop Road




The brief for this private residential commission was the rear extension of a 3 floors terrace house which is part of the Central Fulham conservation area in Parson’s Green.
The design proposal was one single minimal contemporary look shape not competing with the existing grain and textures of the context to form the enclosure of a spacious modern kitchen suiting the needs of the family living in the house.


Project: Burnfoot Avenue




This side and rear extension of a house in Parsons Green was restricted by planning regulations. The new added volume was conceived as a continuous system of glazing so that it could be distinguished from the character of the existing house. The finish of the glazing, by contrast with the finish of the existing window openings, reinforces this concept. The new party wall is clad in bricks on the outer and inner face and becomes a feature of the interior space of the new kitchen.



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