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It's so exciting carrying out a renovation where you can really change your home into something amazing, but  the build can be challenging and feel overwhelming at times. 

Here are our tips to make the build run as smoothly as possible!

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1. Be there as much as you can

If you have decided to live on site then you will see every tiny change, so it's easier to notice if something isn't exactly as you had thought it would be. If you move out, make sure you regularly visit the site to check things are going to schedule. 

In any case, organising weekly meetings with the architect and builders to plan what is happening that week. You will get a feel for the work that is going on, the pace and who is actually working on your project.

2. Make sure you are contactable

Often decisions need to be made quickly so that the builders can push on with the work, so make sure that you are contactable so that you don't slow anything down. 

You also don't want the wrong decision to be made so if the builders know that you are on the other end of the phone / whatsapp to chat through any questions that they have.

Stunning kitchen extension by PAD Architects

3. Work with your builder on creative solutions

Builders will often push back if the solution is really challenging, so spend time talking through different solutions. 

It might be that what you initially wanted isn't possible or may increase the cost significantly, however experienced builders and architects will come up with alternative and creative options throughout the build.

4. Let the builders get on with the work

Make sure you do give the builders enough space to get on with the work. Once you have caught up with them, give them the space to carry out the work without being continuously interrupted.

They need the time and space to get on and complete the work to schedule.

Spectacular extension by The Gentleman Architect

5. Plan as much as you can

Before you start the work, make sure it's planned to every detail. Pick all of the fixtures and fittings, have a clear idea on lead times and when you have to order any goods. 

This will also mean that when big issues or decisions come up, you have the time and head space to deal with them!

6. Keep track of everything

Keep your budget up to date and track exactly what you have paid. You really don't want to be continuously worried about overspending, or having no idea of where you are with your budget.

We have a helpful budget tool that can be updated and saved as you go, so you can keep on top of the costs.

7. Have a break!

If you are living on site, make sure to have some time away for a holiday or the weekend, even if it's visiting family or friends. You will be able to relax, enjoy not being surrounded by dust and hopefully come back refreshed and enthusiastic!

Kitchen renovation by Unfold Architecture & Design

8. Work out your day-to-day living

If you do plan on living on site, make sure you know exactly where you will be cooking and eating, where you will do laundry and where your general living space will be. Having a clear plan of your living situation will make it easier to get through and stay focused.

9. Celebrate the milestones

Renovating your home really tests your patience, where something will be delayed or take longer than both you and the builders expect. 

Focusing on the wins will really help, rather than looking at what you still have to do. Huge milestones such as knocking through from the new extension or when your new shower is fitted should be celebrated.

It's easy to forget how far you have come mid-renovation when it all feels challenging, but looking back and seeing what you have achieved will get you through the rest of the work.

10. Keep focused!

It will feel like you will never have a normal home again, but try to remember that when it's finished you will have the home of your dreams. Remember the feeling you had when you first saw your home, and the excitement of making it your own. Try and keep that in your mind!

If you are thinking about renovating in the near future and need some help with where to start with your project, try our 1:1 impartial online session.

1:1 Online Session

Published: August 3, 2022

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