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Home renovations can be so costly when you want everything to be perfect. Ultimately you might need to make some compromises along the way to make sure you don't blow your budget!

We have rounded up our favourite product swaps which will save you significant amounts on your budget without compromising on finish or quality!

1. Coloured uPVC instead of modern aluminium windows

uPVC windows were famous in the 80s for being cheap and chunky looking but they have come such a long way since then. If you are renovating and want/need to replace the windows, consider uPVC windows finished in a colour to give your home some more character. Go for a anthracite grey for a modern look or a beige if you are going for a more subtle look.

uPVC is also a more energy efficient material than aluminium and it will keep the heat in your home, so uPVC windows may also save on your energy bills! Expect savings of around 30%.

Coloured uPVC windows by Thames Valley Window Company

2. Wood effect vinyl as an alternative to engineered wood

We adore engineered wood flooring which would always feature in our dream home to create a timeless look. However, good quality thick engineered wood flooring will cost from around £60 per metre² for the flooring alone, eating into a significant proportion of your budget.

Quality vinyl is a great lower cost alternative which now comes in so many wood effect finishes. Vinyl is soft underfoot and won't scratch like wood can - so it's also an ideal option if you have a young family. Leading brands such as Karndean start at around £20 per metre², so you could save significantly on your budget!

Karndean Knight Tile White Painted Oak

3. Bi-folding doors as an alternative to large sliding doors

Sliding doors are fast becoming a contender to the ever popular bi-folding doors - and we can see why with amazing panoramic views into your garden (and if you are lucky, beyond!). But if you don't have the most amazing lookout then bi-folding doors will more than suffice and also look amazing in the summer when they are fully pulled back.

With sliding doors typically come in up to 50% more expensive than bi-folding doors then it's well worth the compromise!

Bi-Folding doors from Express Bi-Folding Doors

4. High street paint instead of designer paint

If you have a decent budget then the quality and heritage colour options of the leading premium paint brands is really appealing. However, if you are painting a whole house the costs will quickly add up. Replacing your choice of paint to a mid range brand could save you around 30-40% of the paint cost, so a big saving to your budget!

Remember to always get samples and don't go for a cheap paint option - this is just a false economy as you will undoubtedly need to repaint sooner.

Kitchen painted in Denim Drift by Dulux

5. Manmade imitation roof slate rather than original slate

If you are giving your home an exterior makeover or quite simply need a new roof, consider a manmade imitation slate rather than natural slate. Manmade slate has been around for years and has improved in quality significantly over the past decade, with leading brands such as Marley slates having a life expectancy of around 60 years which could rival some original slate.

Weinerberger’s Sandtoft, who manufacture tiles such as the interlocking Rivius slate, claim they are 50% more cost-effective than traditional natural slate with both the installation and the actual tile being cheaper. So manmade imitation slate is worth considering if you don't quite have enough in your budget for a natural slate roof.

Marley Fibre Cement Slate Roof

Published: June 29, 2018

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