7 Ideas For A Small Kitchen







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We all dream of a large kitchen but often have to make the very best out of a small space. If you are renovating your small kitchen, here are some clever ideas which will help make the space look bigger than it actually is, while still being really practical.

1. Keep the scheme neutral

Don't go over the top with bright colours and busy patterns but opt for a really simple scheme. Beautiful creams and greys will make the kitchen appear less busy and give the impression of more space than there actually is.


2. Fit wall to ceiling cupboards

Wall to ceiling units provide great storage, they look stylish and won't feel like they encroach in your space. As there is no worktop between the floor and wall cupboards, the kitchen will feel less cluttered and disjointed.

3. Use multi-functional appliances

If you have limited space on your worktops, a combination boiling water tap is a great idea as you don't need the kettle taking up space on your worktop.  Also consider combining your oven with a microwave, again to remove the need of a separate microwave.

4. Go for a modern look

We adore shaker kitchens but in a small space a sleek modern kitchen works really well. Choose handleless cupboards to create a smooth minimalist look. For the surface, go for a material such as Corian which will make the worktop and sink seamless. Mirror, glass or stainless steel will work well for the splashback as they will reflect the light and give the appearance of a larger space.

5. Carefully plan your lighting

To make your kitchen look as bright as possible, fit under cabinet lighting. Lighting can really finish off the space whilst also making your kitchen appear larger than it is. Stay clear of pendants which will take up some of your limited space.

6. Remove your clutter

Make sure that everything in your kitchen has a place and there is no clutter on the worktops. When choosing your kitchen, plan where you will store everything from your original kitchen and make sure you incorporate enough cupboards to store everything out of sight.

7. Choose clever storage

When you have limited space in the kitchen, use every inch of your new cupboards. Consider a corner carousel or pantry style storage to make the best use out of what would be wasted space. 

Published: September 6, 2018

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