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We are so lucky that on a daily basis we get to see beautiful homes on Instagram and Pinterest, including the most stunning bedroom colour schemes which are styled to absolute perfection.

As the bedroom is the place which is rarely seen by visitors, you can really choose a bedroom colour scheme where you express your sense of style rather than trends. 

Either opt for dark colours to create a warm and welcoming room, or a light and neutral colour scheme for a calming and relaxing environment.

So if you are renovating, or simply looking to give your bedroom a makeover, we have pulled together the most inspiring bedroom colour schemes for 2023. They are all also a masterclass in how to create the most beautiful and inviting bedroom!

1. Emerald green and blue

This bedroom is in the Victorian home of @woodsintothewoods and we think the deep green bedroom colour scheme looks just perfect and is sympathetic to the period of the home.

The panelling adds more depth and style and looks wonderful painted in the dark tone, while the wallpaper gives a contemporary look and adds something a bit different to the bedroom.

We love the bedding and think the hints of grey blue work so well.

Panelling painted in Downpipe by Farrow & Ball.

Deep green bedroom in the home of @woodsintothewoods

2. Modern monochrome

This monochrome bedroom from Insta account @seasidevictorianhome is such a fun twist on a traditional black and white bedroom colour scheme.

The feature wallpaper is fabulous and stands out against the black painted rail, alongside the black and white accessories. 

We also love the pale pink bedspread which really softens the look which, alongside the copper accents, adds some warmth too.

Beautiful bedroom in the home of @seasidevictorianhome

3. Light grey with warm tones

Grey bedroom colour schemes are such a popular choice, as often we like to keep the same colour palette flowing throughout our homes and grey continues to be on trend.

This beautiful bedroom has combined light grey with some earthy tones to add warmth to the bedroom. The brass pendant light, the warm mustard cushions and brown bedside tables add texture as well as introduce a complimentary tone to the grey.

We also love that the light grey panelling has been layered on an earthier mushroom tone, which stands out next to the white and grey bedding. 

Interiors by Aube Interiors

4. Soft pink and white

This has to be the prettiest and most tranquil room with the gorgeous pale pink and the soft curtains, from the home of Insta account @casacocointhecotswolds.

Every wall has been painted the beautiful pink, including the skirting, bringing the wall down to the floor and giving a softer, Scandi look.

What we also love about this pink bedroom colour scheme is the subtle black accents from the mirror, curtain rail and bedside lights, which adds a contemporary twist to the look.

Walls painted in Setting Plaster by Farrow & Ball.

Tranquil bedroom in the home of @casacocointhecotswolds

5. Pale grey and neutrals

This beautiful bedroom colour scheme from Insta account @katy.harwood.life is just so relaxing and tranquil looking.

The soft light grey painted panelling is just the most gentle shade and the soft furnishings and bedding add to the wonderful French country look.

The colours used are in-keeping with the rest of the home which is finished in soft greys and neutrals throughout. Panelling painted in Pavillion Grey by Farrow & Ball.

Beautiful bedroom from the home of @katy.harwood.life

6. Light green with cream and white

There is so much we love about this green bedroom colour scheme from @crack_the_shutters on Insta. The vertical panelling is a different take on traditional panelling and gives a relaxed look. 

By using the same green colour on the panelling and walls, a soft continuous look is achieved. The colour scheme has been softened with the mauve headboard, oak sideboards and white bedding. 

Walls painted in Vert De Terre by Farrow & Ball.

Relaxing bedroom in the home of @crack_the_shutters on Instagram

7. Calming neutral with black

We would absolutely love to be a guest in the home of Insta account @faithmitchellinteriors; the warm neutral palette is so inviting and would work well in traditional and contemporary homes.

We love the black furniture, with the touches of brass adding to the modern look. It's such a wonderful bedroom colour scheme and one that will never go out of style.

Walls painted in Worsted by Farrow & Ball.

Bedroom in the home of @faithmitchellinteriors

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8. Nautical white and cream

A white bedroom colour scheme will always be a wonderful option and can easily be updated by changing the bedding and accessories.

The blue bedside tables and ottoman adds a nautical look to the bedroom, giving it a pop of colour too. The chrome lighting also adds to the contemporary look, whilst the light oak flooring gives some warmth.

White bedroom by Simon Merrony Architects

9. Muted pink and green

This bedroom colour scheme has the most wonderful combination of green and muted pink, two colours which have been popularly used separately in bedrooms for years. Put together, they create the most wonderful country boho look, which is further enhanced with the rattan lampshades.

These wonderful prints are by the owner who is also an artist, @redbricks_lifestyle, and further enhance the beautiful bedroom colour scheme. 

Walls painted in Orchard Pink by Fired Earth.

Creative bedroom in the home of @redbricks_lifestyle

10. Dramatic black with soft pink

We love when people are so bold with their decor choices and they totally pay off, like this stunning bedroom in the home of @house_on_the_crescent.

The home has accents of black and pink throughout it and they have continued the theme in the master bedroom, which we think works so well and looks like something from a boutique hotel.

The panelling is a larger format panel above the bed, with symmetrical panels above the bedside tables which looks so smart. The black is softened with the pink in the cushions and curtains and we love those bedside lamps too. Absolutely stunning and so inspirational!

Dramatic bedroom in the home of @house_on_the_crescent

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11. Warm accent ceiling

This bedroom colour scheme in the home of @negi.at.home is oozing with style and personality, we just love it. It's simple yet so unique and every part of it works so well.

The ceiling has been painted in Sulking Room Pink by Farrow and Ball, which is a strong earthy pink tone. Painting the ceiling in a dark colour adds warmth to the room, whilst also making the ceiling appear higher.

The walls have been painted in a warm cream which works well with the accent ceiling, blending well together rather than contrasting. The burnt orange bedding also pulls out the earthy tones in the room and just looks wonderful...an absolute masterclass on an accent wall.

Ceiling painted in Sulking Room pink by Farrow & Ball.

Accent wall in the home of Insta account @negi.at.home

12. Greenish blue with accents of grey

This is a chameleon colour which will look either blue or green, depending on the light coming into the room.

We think it looks like a warm green in this relaxing bedroom of Insta account @_the.wests.nests_, creating such a cosy look.

The grey bed gives the room a contemporary look, along with the rattan lampshade and warm grey and cream throw.

Walls painted in Oval Room Blue by Farrow & Ball.

Stunning bedroom in the home of @_the.wests.nests_

13. Cosy neutrals

Neutrals will always be a smart choice for a bedroom colour scheme, creating a homely and inviting space.

This neutral bedroom from @stephfrom_belmont has been styled to perfection in this period property. The bronze bedding looks wonderful against the cream headboard and the painted panelling. 

Touches of brass on the lighting and mirror add to the look, bringing it right up to date.

Walls painted in All White by Farrow & Ball and panelling in Hazlenut by Laura Ashley.

Neutral colour scheme in the home of @stephfrom_belmont

14. Soft blue and pale pink

This feature wall has beautiful textured blue wallpaper, which gives a calming look. The soft shell pink bedding works so well with the blue, softening the look. 

We love the radiator which is finished in the same colour as the wall, allowing it to blend in seamlessly. The accents of brass and oak create warmth too...it's just so tranquil.

Loft conversion and design by ARCHEA

15. Contemporary grey and warm rust

We absolutely love everything about the home of Insta account @oakappledecor; a stunning barn conversion which has the most amazing interior styling.

This bedroom is no exception and we love the colour scheme with the grey dramatic wallpaper and the touches of rust and black. 

The grey accent wall flows so well from the black panelling and is such a great feature without dominating the room.

The white and cream furnishings soften this colour scheme, which just looks so stylish.

This stunning bedroom in the home of @oakappledecor

Here are our tips to creating the perfect bedroom colour scheme.

Consider painting the woodwork

A wonderful growing trend is painting the woodwork the same colour as the walls. 

Painting the skirting or doors in the same colour will streamline and soften the look, often making the bedroom appear larger than it is. 

Create a colour scheme that can be easily updated

If you are someone that constantly wants to update things in your home, opt for a neutral colour scheme. 

Painting the walls in white, cream or grey can be instantly updated to a new colour scheme by changing the bedding and accessories.

Accent walls to make a feature

One of the most popular bedroom paint trends is to create an accent wall, which is normally behind the bed. An accent wall can be easily repainted when you want to update your colour scheme, without having to repaint the entire room. Bright white walls next to the feature wall will add contrast, whereas a tone of the feature will allow the room to flow.

We are seeing some amazing feature walls not only behind the bed but on the ceiling too. It's a great way to introduce a dark colour which won't be too overpowering. This works especially well in period properties where there are beautiful cornicing features and the accent colour accentuates them.

Add plenty of texture

Panelling behind the bed is such a simple way to add texture and style to your bedroom.

This is such a wonderful look and we love this trend so much...adding panelling will give your bedroom a lovely boutique hotel feel instantly and adds so much texture. There are so many styles of panelling too which can add some individuality to your bedroom. 

You can also add texture with the headboards (think modern rattan or upholstered), lighting, rugs and bedding. Layering either in complimentary colours to your colour scheme or contrasting for a bolder look. 

White bedding softens all colour schemes

White bedding is a feature in so many beautiful bedroom colour schemes. White always softens any bold colour and also lets the colour stand out. It also means that you don't need to update your bedding when you want to repaint your walls.

So if you can't find your perfect bedspread, consider a white linen and layer on the colour scheme with throws, cushions and accessories.

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