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Make sure you don't forget about your pet when planning your renovation and update your home with changes that will work for both you and them. 

We cover some things to consider when renovating your home with your pet in mind!

Choose the flooring wisely

Vinyl is probably the best choice for a home with pets as it's easy to clean and doesn't scratch or mark. You can get some beautiful finishes such as wood effect, which looks like the real thing. Tiles also have many of the same benefits as vinyl as tiles are easy to clean and don't mark, however they can be cold in the winter for little paws!

Wood is another good option as it's easy to clean up any marks, however be careful as it's prone to scratching. If you want to choose wood then make sure you go for a hard variety such as oak or walnut which will take more wear.

Although animals love the cosy feeling of carpet to snuggle into, it's not the best option for a home with pets as it traps hair and can be difficult to clean. If you are choosing carpet in a home with pets, make sure you don't go for a loop finish as it will catch on their claws. 

Install underfloor heating

Animals love feeling cosy so underfloor heating in areas where there is no carpet will keep them snug. Underfloor heating in general is a great option when you are renovating as it gives you far more wall space where you would have previously needed radiators. Although it's more expensive to install than a radiator, wet underfloor heating is more economical to run than conventional heating, so it's often considered a worthwhile investment.

Incorporate a boot room

Extending or remodelling is a great time so incorporate a boot or utility room where you can clean your pet before they can mess up your home! A large sink is perfect for washing them in and keep plenty of towels to dry them off too! This is also a great place for them to sleep (that's if they don't sneak into your bed!), so set up their bed next to a cosy radiator!

Consider the wall finish

If you are painting your walls, go for something that can be wiped easily so you don't need to keep on re-painting if you want to keep it looking fresh. You get some great easy wipe paints such as Dulux easycare which is extremely durable and easy to clean up any marks. A satin paint is also great to stop fur from sticking to it - and also stay clear of textured wallpaper!

Update your home for the latest technology

Renovating your home is a great time to update the technology in your home, so think about smart technology that will be pet-friendly. Fit a cat flap that only works with the specific chip of your pet to stop other cats coming home too. 

Choose a pet friendly alarm system, where the sensor is pet tolerant and won't pick up movements at floor level of objects weighing under 35kg. If you still experience issues with you pet triggering your alarm, choose an alarm system with a camera so you can see when you are out and about if the alarm has been triggered by your furry friend!

Published: October 10, 2018

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