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We came across HØLTE and thought their kitchens looked stunning - wonderfully modern looking, finished in bold colours and with a mixture of materials used.

The concept behind HØLTE is really smart; bespoke cabinets and worktops fitted to Ikea kitchens which helps to reduce the overall cost - perfect if your budget won't allow a fully bespoke or designed kitchen.

The kitchens come in a huge range of colours and styles so your kitchen is completely original and unique. Here we chat to HØLTE to find out some more...and share some pictures of their beautiful kitchens!

We love the concept of a bespoke finish for an Ikea kitchen - what gave you the idea? 

We started our bespoke company, Witlof, 5 years ago and it very quickly became clear to us that there was a gap in the market for something in between the fully bespoke and the high street kitchen. A steady stream of people would contact us who had what most of us would feel is a healthy budget but just didn't quite stretch to cover the price of bespoke cabinetry and our full design and build service. We had never set out to make super expensive kitchens - we wanted to make kitchens for people like us! We felt there must be a middle ground and combining proprietary cabinetry with bespoke fronts and other elements seemed like the perfect solution.

Deep blue kitchen by HØLTE

Do I need to plan the kitchen myself and when do you become involved?

You can plan the kitchen yourself or with IKEA by using their online kitchen planner tool or making an appointment at one of their stores. Alternatively we offer tiered design services if you would like a little more help or to make the process more integrated. Whichever route you choose, we are always happy to offer free advice and guidance or just our two-pennies-worth on your designs!

Wood and white mixed kitchen cabinets by HØLTE

Do I need to visit your showroom or can it all be planned virtually?

We love people to visit the showroom as it gives us a chance to show you our products in the flesh and talk about all the nitty gritty details that can make planning a new kitchen so baffling and time-consuming. However it's certainly not a requirement. If you would rather do everything over email or phone, that's absolutely fine. Every project and client is different and that only makes our job more interesting and exciting.

Modern kitchen with Terrazzo worktop by HØLTE

What are the cost benefits of this style of kitchen?

We have found that a Hølte + IKEA kitchen will come in around a third of the cost of the equivalent fully bespoke kitchen. The cabinetry and interior fittings from IKEA are incredibly keenly priced and we have engineered our prices to be affordable and cost efficient for the customer. Also within our range there are opportunities to splurge and save. For example, you might choose to splash out on some beautiful timber veneers with our WOOD style for some of your cabinetry but offset the cost by using LAM in the less visible areas.

Beautiful kitchen with a mixture of WOOD and coloured LAM by HØLTE

What are the other benefits?

Customisation above all else! Even with some bespoke kitchen brands (though not Witlof) you may have a range of styles, materials and colours to choose from and restrictions on the combinations of cabinetry you can have. But with Hølte + IKEA you can tailor it almost endlessly to your requirements and tastes. If you like you can use 5 different colours from our LAM range or combine WOOD with MATT or add in bespoke elements like bookshelves and pantry cabinets. 

Modern white kitchen by HØLTE

What style of kitchens do you make and what style is popular?

We have 4 key styles - LAM, MATT, PLY & WOOD. There are 124 colours in LAM, 24 in MATT and thousands of veneer species in PLY & WOOD. Plus LAM and MATT are both available with either a birch ply or black Valchromat core. You can choose one of our 6 handle styles, including 3 integrated options, or use your own handles or some from our partner, Swarf. We also provide worktops - quartz, stainless steel or granite and there are a whole host of options and variations there too. At the moment our LAM & PLY styles are super popular but it changes week-by-week!

Stunning kitchen with WOOD cabinets by HØLTE

Anything else I need to know?

We also take on whole house projects! If you are doing a major renovation or a new build project and are looking to streamline the process both financially and administratively, we may be able to help. By using a combination of our Hølte and Witlof brands and employing our knowledge and experience of bespoke joinery and architecture, we can help find cost effective solutions for each room in the house without sacrificing quality or aesthetic appeal.

Published: March 23, 2020

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