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One of the first steps in kicking off your renovation project is finding and a good architect. The right architect can help you throughout your project and be key in creating the home of your dreams. We catch up with TW10 Architects who share their tips to finding the best architect and also chat about what a good architect can do for you.

Love Renovate: How do I go about finding an architect for my project? 

TW10:  I would firstly ask around for any recommendations. However once you have received a good recommendation, check their membership and registration on RIBA and ARB websites. 

If you have no recommendations, try the internet for local companies and then go to the RIBA and ARB websites to confirm their accreditation. Once you have found a reputable company, ask for references who you can speak to about their experience. 

Love Renovate: What professional accreditation should I look out for and are different qualifications better suited to different projects? 

TW10: Any size of project deserves the same attention and quality as any other, therefore the professional qualifications of an architect should be valued equally on all projects. Look out for someone who is a RIBA member if you want help with the design process through to the construction.

A mezzanine level created in a former office space by TW10 Architects

Love Renovate: What brief should I prepare before consulting an architect?

TW10: You don't need a brief prior to meeting an architect. However it is important to have an indicative budget in mind, so that your architect can design to that brief. Once you meet, design ideas and project constraints will form the project through initial conversations. 

Love Renovate: Besides drawing the plans, what else can an architect help with for my project?

TW10: A qualified architect will give the additional design element to your project, which will add value to your home and will make the result more pleasing and elegant. The architect will also liaise correctly with all other consultants and can also help you during construction stages in order to achieve a good quality finish.

Kitchen extension and loft conversion by TW10 Architects

Love Renovate: What are the main challenges when completing a conversion or extension and what can I do to help my project go to plan?

TW10: One should always have contingency for the project not going exactly to plan. There are exterior elements, which sometimes we can't control, like problems in distribution or products running out of stock. However, it helps not to do everything in a rush. Allow your architect to create a scope of works and product specification. Take your time to review it, compare samples and run through the list and timescales with your appointed contractor prior to start.

Love Renovate: Broadly, how much should I budget for architects fees for a standard loft conversion or an extension? 

TW10: All loft conversions and extensions are different so the fee can vary substantially. Some may be within a conservation area and may need a design and access statement. Others may be permitted development to different house typologies with varied geometries.

Love Renovate: Is there anything else I should consider before working with an architect? 

TW10: You should consider that qualified architects will add value to your project and is in their interest to create something to be proud of. For us it is not a numbers' game but passion and dedication.

Published: May 16, 2018

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