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With the industrial trend continuing to grow in popularity around the home, poured concrete flooring is a great choice to help achieve this look. We chat to the Resin Floor Co. to find out a bit more about poured concrete flooring, with advice on everything from maintenance to underfloor heating. 

Can polished concrete flooring be poured on any surface or does the flooring need preparation?

No, every surface needs to be considered independently. The best surfaces are existing concrete slabs and sand & cement screeds.

In some cases the products can be installed into timber joisted floors, however these will require significant preparation in order to reduce movement to reduce the possibility of cracking.

Can concrete be poured in a first floor such as a flat? Are there any structural limitations?

Yes, you normally can pour the concrete on a first floor, although the substrates needs to be taken into consideration along with any preparation works required, so make sure you seek advice.

Can I have underfloor heating under a polished concrete floor?

Generally with an overlay system, you can have underfloor heating. There are however some considerations that need to be taken into account such as what system is being used, the build up and substrates below.

What colour and finish is popular in the home?

For the polished concrete overlay systems, greys are always most popular as these are quite timeless in terms of their style and longevity. Although some people go way out and explore some far out colours such as green and red.

How do I maintain the floor to protect it from stains and marks?

The polished concrete overlays and microcement systems are sealed with either a surface impregnation sealant or a topical PU product. These are breathable systems and therefore not 100% impervious to liquid damage and staining. Some people use solvent based sealants, although very durable and resilient to liquids are extremely smelly and in some cases may emit VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and therefore banned on many commercial sites.

How long should concrete flooring last if I look after it?

There is no reason why a polished concrete overlay system with good care and maintenance cannot last many years.

How much roughly does it cost per square metre?

This is very much dependant on project location, substrate and any preparation works needed. The products and systems vary which can often have a bearing on costs.

Anything else I need to know about?

The products that we offer are overlay systems and differ from the traditional 100mm slab that is installed and polished. With out systems, we can offer customers similar looking floors generally without the upheaval of their existing floors.

Published: February 15, 2020

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