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A garage conversion is a brilliant way to add extra living space without actually having to build an extension. As you are not actually extending, it's normally a cheaper way to gain living space whilst the work will have minimal disruption to your home.

We have picked out some amazing garage conversions to give you some ideas of how to make use of your garage! There are some amazing renovations, including some fabulous playrooms, utility rooms and kitchen extensions which will give you some great garage conversion ideas.

If you are thinking about a garage conversion in the near future and need some help with where to start with your project, try our renovation advice session.

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1. A well proportioned study

A great way to make the most out of your garage conversion is to split it into a couple of really practical rooms. Often garages can be fairly narrow in space and were never functional to use for a car but instead as storage. So turning it into a study or utility is the best way to make the most out of the original garage.

We love this garage conversion idea by Architect Your Home, where part of this small garage conversion has been transformed into a study. The room is made to feel so much wider than it is with the white finished walls and large roof light. We also love the patio doors leading out to the garden which further maximise the space. The front end of the garage conversion has been used as a laundry and shower room, which is a great garage conversion idea if you have a long narrow space.

Garage conversion by architect your home

2. A working studio

With more and more of us working from home, converting your garage into your work space is such a fantastic garage conversion idea. So whether it's converted to a study, like the home above, or into a working studio for a creative job, we think you will be totally inspired by the home of rebekahburgess_art.

Rebekah has converted an empty garage into something really spectacular with plain white walls, tiles and simple furniture, it looks such a calm space and perfect for an artist...who wouldn't love working here?! We think the plants and rug make it so homely looking too!

Garage converted to a studio by rebekahburgess_art

3. A perfectly organised playroom

If you have small children, it's a great idea to turn your garage into a playroom to keep all of the toys in one place. How amazing is this playroom from my_persimmon_home on Instagram?! We love how they have managed to incorporate a lovely light colour scheme and add some colour for the children too! 

With thanks to my_persimmon_home for the image

3. A luxurious media room 

We love this garage conversion by stjohnshone on Instagram. It's such a fantastic idea to turn an old garage into a media room where you can relax and watch a film (or even the England game!). 

If you are lucky enough that you don't need anymore living space in your home but have a garage that is wasted space, it's a great idea to transform your garage into something really fun. We also love the decor which makes the whole space feel luxurious.

With thanks to stjohnshome for the image

5. An annex for family and friends

If you have a lot of family and friends visiting, a good use of an empty garage is to turn it into a guest annex where they can have their own bathroom too. Marraum architects have taken this garage and converted it into a wonderful space, which looks so inviting and gives your guests some privacy and space when they are visiting.

With thanks to Marraum architects for the image

6. A family snug

Having another living space is perfect in any home, particularly if you have teenagers who like their own space. We absolutely adore this garage conversion by my_grey_place on Instagram. Instead of being an additional room, it's probably one of the best places to chill out in the home. 

Creating a snug also works so well if most of your home is open plan, it gives you such a lovely quiet place to relax in the evening.

Pop over to their Instagram feed if you love grey, black and wood interiors - the whole home is beautifully finished.

Stunning conversion to a family room by my_grey_place

7. Create one large spacious kitchen

If you desperately need a larger kitchen, it's worthwhile considering converting your garage to give you the additional space that you need. TheMalory on Instagram have created this spacious kitchen by knocking through from their existing small kitchen to their garage. 

By converting their garage, they have transformed the kitchen from a small galley kitchen into a large entertaining space. This home is a new build, where a garage may not be necessarily big enough for a car but perfect to add additional living space.

We also love the colour of the units and the matching brass handles to give a modern twist to this traditional shaker kitchen.

With thanks to TheMalory for the image

8. A practical utility room

If you still need part of your garage to use as storage, it's a great idea to convert part of it into a practical utility space. We love this utility room by Granit architects - it's so streamlined and tidy and will help you become super organised too. 

A utility room is a great way to keep all of the mess out of the rest of your home. If your utility is in the garage then the noise of the washing machine will be far away from the main living space - perfect if your home is open plan!

With thanks to Granit architects for the image

9. A fun snug & playroom

Given that converting a garage to a playroom is one of the most popular garage conversion ideas, we wanted to add another! We have completely fallen in love with this garage conversion by @renovategate on Instagram...the jungle theme is so bright and fun.

Garage conversions are typically narrow, so a large l-shaped sofa works so well here as it uses the space to it's full potential. It's a playroom that adults would be happy to chill out in when the kids have gone to bed too!

With thanks to @renovategate for the image 

If you are thinking about a garage conversion in the near future and need some help with where to start with your project, try our renovation advice session.

Renovation Advice Session

Published: November 13, 2019

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