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As well as being entirely practical to protect the kitchen walls from water and stains, kitchen splashbacks can bring style into a kitchen and allow you to add some personality.

There are so many materials that can be used for kitchen splashbacks, from the ever popular tile (of which there are so many options!), to a mirror to add light into your kitchen. 

When you are choosing your splashback, look for something that's practical for you to easily clean. In terms of design, you can choose a kitchen splashback to make a statement or alternatively something that flows effortlessly from your worktops and walls...the options are endless.

We have chosen some of the most stylish kitchen splashback ideas to give you inspiration for your new kitchen. So whether it's a feature tiled kitchen splashback or a stylish brass kitchen splashback, we have some amazing ideas.

If you are thinking about a new kitchen in the near future and need some help finding a local kitchen designer, we can match you with the most suitable ones for your project.

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1. Make a subtle statement with white feature tiles

A tile splashback is one of the most popular choices as it's such a practical finish. With so many amazing tiles to choose from now, you can really add some personality and turn your kitchen splashback into a feature.

This kitchen below (from Insta account) @renovating_round_the_bend has a contemporary Scandi look to it - it's simple with the matt white handleless units but the detail in the finishes gives it a wonderful modern look.

The geometric splashback tiles are simple in the white colour but have so much detail thanks to the design. We also love that the tiles stop where they meet the open shelf, which is a lovely feature which makes the ceiling appear higher than it is. 

The white splashback tiles also keep the space so bright and streamlined looking too.

Kitchen in the home of @renovating_round_the_bend

2. Choose a brass kitchen splashback to add warmth and texture

Warm metals like gold and brass are such a huge trend in the kitchen, one that's set to continue. 

Introducing a brass splashback in the kitchen is a wonderful way to embrace the trend and really tie together all of the accessories around the room.

We love this in the home of @glow_up_at_no39 which has been made to fit perfectly behind the sink area. It has a rustic finish to it which we just love, but it also looks very opulent in this beautiful kitchen.

Kitchen in the home of @glow_up_at_no39

3. Pink vertical tile adds a soft look

We fell in love with this beautiful splashback tile when we first saw it, from the gorgeous home of @seasidevictorianhome. The kitchen units are finished in a warm neutral tone and the soft pink works so well, adding some warmth and style. 

The narrow vertical tile is perfect and we love the shade teamed with the warm wood and brass too. It's a subtle splashback which has so much style and class.

Pink kitchen splashback tiles in the home of @seasidevictorianhome

4. White marble splashback for a classic look

Opting for a white marble kitchen splashback is a timeless choice, one that we will never tire of. 

This kitchen from @hemptonhouse shows how it can be styled to perfection, teamed with the dark units and the brass taps, handles and light fittings.

An alternative to marble is quartz which will give a similar look whilst being less prone to staining, although it's not a natural stone.

Beautiful marble splashback in the home of @hemptonhouse

5. Glass splashback for an unfussy look

A simple glass splashback is such a good choice for so many reasons. Not only is it extremely affordable (you can simply ask your local glazing firm to cut you a piece to measure), it's also very easy to clean. With no grout or the need to be sealed, you simply wipe it with a cloth. This is also a great choice if you only want a small area of the wall protected.

You can inject some colour by painting the wall behind the splashback, or simply keep it neutral to bounce light about the space like in the beautiful kitchen below. An extremely stylish splashback that won't cost a fortune either!

Glass splashback in kitchen by Brayer Design

6. Gloss herringbone tile splashback to add style

A simple and light gloss tile is a good choice if you want a classic yet subtle kitchen splashback. 

This tiled herringbone splashback in the kitchen of @dustsheets_and_decor works perfectly with the classic green units. 

The herringbone lay adds to the style and it's such a practical choice of splashback which can be easily cleaned. We adore the simplicity of this splashback as it blends seamlessly with the painted walls, yet it's so effective.

Simple herringbone tiles in the home of @dustsheets_and_decor

7. Large mirror splashback to brighten up the kitchen

A mirrored splashback has been a popular choice for a while. Either go for a small piece of mirror set behind the oven, or choose a large expanse of mirror which looks dramatic and also does a wonderful job of bouncing light around the room.

This one below works so well in the galley style of kitchen with the island. Where the space is narrow, the mirror opens it right up and gives the illusion of a much larger kitchen.

If you are going for a more traditional style of kitchen, an antiqued glass works so well too. A mirrored splashback is also very easy to clean so it's a smart option.

Large mirrored splashback - image George & James Architects

8. Feature tiles to make a bold statement

Using feature tiles as a splashback can really add some personality in the kitchen. 

We love the combination of the non-uniform geometric shapes below, which are really bold yet have a relaxed artisan look. This style of tile has been popular in the bathroom for some time, and we love the look as a splashback. 

Feature tiled splashback - image Maryse Renier Architecture

9. Brick splashback creates an industrial look

Whether it's brickslips or exposed brick, the look is so wonderful as a kitchen splashback creating an industrial style.

We love the brick wall in the home of @making_palmerston_ours, which acts as the splashback too. The combination with the industrial style lighting and the open shelving creates an amazing, relaxed style.

Remember to seal your exposed brick to protect it in the kitchen, however the colour and texture will be far more forgiving than a light wall in general.

Brick splashback in the home of @making_palmerston_ours

10. Dramatic terrazzo flowing from the worktops to the splashback

Dark worktops are a striking trend and leading the way are @littleedwardian on Instagram. Their home is a beautiful blend of dark and dramatic tones which works so well in the period property. 

Their new kitchen has this wonderful terrazzo slab splashback which flows seamlessly from the worktop. It's so practical and is super stylish, creating maximum impact.

Dramatic terrazzo splashback in the home of @littleedwardian

11. Classic metro tiles for a timeless splashback

Simple white metro tiles are a wonderful option to let the kitchen stand out. We think they are perfect teamed with a dark kitchen, like this gorgeous kitchen below from @hereisonethreefour

Metro tiles are also an affordable tile choice and can be cleaned so easily as a splashback. If you want to add some colour, there are metro tiles available in so many tones, so it's an easy way to add colour into your kitchen.

Metro tiles in the kitchen of @hereisonethreefour

Here are some important things to consider when choosing your new splashback...

Should you have the splashback behind the hob and sink area only?

It's personal preference whether you should choose to have the splashback cover the entire wall or only the area behind the hob and or sink.

If you are looking to save on the cost of your new kitchen, opting to add the splashback behind a small section will obviously save on the cost. You then just need to paint the area on the wall.

Others choose to have the splashback on the entire wall which keeps a seamless look as well making it easy to maintain. Particularly tiles or glass can be wiped and cleaned easily.

Do you need a splashback?

Although you don't need to have a splashback, if you choose not to have one then you will find the area around the hob will look dirty fairly quickly. Even just a small splashback will help keep the area clean and free of stains.

What is the cheapest kitchen splashback?

A glass splashback is one of the cheapest options as the material is inexpensive and it's easy to fit too.

If you are handy at tiling, then buying some simple inexpensive tiles will work out economical if you are able to fit the tile splashback yourself.

What can I use instead of tiles for a kitchen splashback?

Other alternative kitchen splashback ideas include materials such as glass, mirror, natural stone, terrazzo, quartz or Corian. Other popular trends include metal effects such as stainless steel or a gold effect.

Tiles are one of the most popular choices of splashback as they are relatively inexpensive and there are so many options to inject some personality. They also normally work out considerably cheaper than using the same finish as your worktop.

If you are thinking about a new kitchen in the near future and need some help finding a local kitchen designer, we can match you with the most suitable ones for your project.

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