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You've done all of the hard work by planning the renovation and the builders are ready to start really soon. There are some last minute checks and preparation that you should do in the final weeks before the build to ensure you are as organised as possible.

We cover off some of the last minute preparation before the work begins!

If you are thinking about a renovation project in the near future and need some help with where to start with your project, try our renovation advice session.

Renovation Advice Session

1. Let Your Insurance Company Know

Contact your home insurance company to let them know about your upcoming renovation work, checking that they will cover the renovation. 

Some insurance providers will extend the insurance cover with no extra cost and others will increase the premium until the structural work is complete. 

Depending on the size of the project and whether you are living in the property or not, you may find your existing insurance providers won't cover the work so you will have to find an alternative provider.

Some insurance providers will charge a huge amount to cover your home, so work with a broker to get the best rate possible.

2. Check You Have All Of The Paperwork In Place

Before you start your renovation, make sure you have a copy of all of the builders documents including their insurance certificates and trade certificates.

You should also have a signed copy of the contract with your builder before you begin the work.

Any other important documents such as the Party Wall Agreement, build over agreements or planning approval should be filed and kept in a safe place. 

3. Confirm The Project Timeline With Your Builder

Just before the builder begins the work, hold a meeting to discuss the project timeline. The builder will be in a better position to confirm if there are any delays with materials, material price rises or any delays to their current schedule which could impact the project.

Confirm with your builder which materials they are ordering and which are your responsibility. Have a clear timeframe of when the builder will need any products which you are sourcing and check back in with the supplier to check the approximate delivery dates still work. 

Important milestones such as when they plan to fit your kitchen, bathroom or flooring are important to confirm, especially if you are sourcing them. If you are using an independent company to fit your kitchen, your builder needs to be clear when they will have finished their preparation and keep you up to date if there are any issues which will delay this.

4. Declutter And Move Belongings Into Storage Or In A Safe Space

It's a good time to have a clear out in your home and donate / recycle what you no longer need. For example, if you are about to start a kitchen extension then go through all of your utensils, crockery and kitchen gadgets and declutter what you don't use - you certainly don't want to put clutter back into your new kitchen.

If you are carrying out an extensive renovation, hiring a storage unit where you can pack away your belongings is a good idea. Alternatively, moving your furniture to a couple of rooms which are not being touched by the demolition will keep them out of the way. If you aren't hiring a storage unit you could pack up some things and store them at family or friends to keep them out of the way.

Remember that the builders need to get on with the actual renovation and having to move furniture around will only add to their workload and ultimately delay the project.

5. Have A Clear Plan On How You Will Live

If you are living on site, make sure you have a clear plan of how you are going to live day to day to avoid some stress.

Consider where you will do the washing? Can you plumb your machine somewhere that's not being affected, such as the garage? Or will you take it to family, friends or a weekly trip to the laundrette?

If you are able to pull together a makeshift kitchen then this will be really helpful. Keeping your fridge / freezer will be so useful and investing in a slow cooker, microwave or a portable induction hob will make cooking so much easier. Preparing meals in advance and having them in the freezer will be so helpful too.

Make sure you do keep a room for refuge if you are living in the renovation - you can always move the furniture to another as and when the work is being carried out.

6. Seal Up Any Rooms You Aren't Using

The dust will get everywhere for sure but try to minimise the amount that will spread around the house. 

Seal up doors and cover the carpets with plastic sheets if they are relatively new. Any furniture that is being stored elsewhere in the house should also be covered to protect it.

7. Prep For The Builders

Leave out old mugs, an old / cheap kettle with some coffee and tea for the builders to help themselves as they go and don't leave out anything that you would be bothered if they break.

8. Let Your Neighbours Know The Work Is About To Begin

Of course your neighbours know that you are planning renovation work but it's always a good idea to catch up with them again just before it starts. They will be impacted too by the noise and disruption, so keeping them up to date with the work and how long it's going to take will be helpful.

9. Take Plenty Of Before Pictures & Videos

Once your home is fully renovated, it's always easy to forget just how far you have come. Taking before photos will be motivating during the build and you can remind yourself of the progress that's taking shape. 

If you want to share your project with others then having the before pictures makes it even more inspiring.

Published: July 1, 2022

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