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The home of Insta account @hannahbeaumontlaurencia is the most calming and inviting home. Finished in a neutral palette with beautiful natural materials and lots of white decor and soft furnishings, the house is reminiscent of a tranquil Mediterranean home.

Now more than ever, we are all trying to be far more sustainable in how we live and Hannah's home and renovation gives us so much inspiration. 

Sustainability and living mindfully are core to Hannah's way of living and something that she was passionate about, not just in her day to day life but also during her renovation. Her renovation project shows that you can make yours more sustainable, cost effective and authentic by recycling and reclaiming as much as you can.

We caught up with Hannah to find out more about the renovation of this beautiful Victorian home.

The rear exterior with the large sliding doors and reclaimed sleepers

Can you tell us about your home and renovation project?

Our journey started in 2015 when we purchased a Victorian semi detached house in south Manchester which had been split into 3 flats (circa 30 years prior). 

Uncommon to the area the house had some land to the side of it which lent itself perfectly to a side extension. 

The first part of the project was to remove all the existing bathrooms and kitchens from the original house, which we did whilst awaiting planning permission. 

We then started the two storey side and rear extension. The extension created an open plan kitchen / living area and to the second floor an en-suite and dressing room. 

We used natural and sustainable materials throughout, something I am very passionate about. 

The front of the beautiful Victorian property with the large side extension

The property before the renovation which had a large side garden to extend into

With both mindfulness and sustainability being so important to you, how did these influence your renovation and the design of your home?

This was always at the forefront of our choices. We sourced natural materials throughout the build and reused where we could rather than buying new. 

For example we created features by existing parts of the old house like brick walls and existing floorboards. We re-used old tiles for the re-roofing and reclaimed sleepers for the patio....the list goes on. 

Supporting local business was also key in our decision making and having special quality pieces handmade that would last for years to come. Anything we purchased was either second hand or of premium quality to last for years. 

Ultimately our vision was to create a space that we can really recharge in, that aligns to our values and that has a beautiful soul and a story. 

We love the zones that have been created in the open plan space

What was the biggest challenge during the renovation process?

Definitely the building and coordinating traders in general. 

I am the owner and CEO of Beaumont organic whilst Nelson, my husband is an events producer so juggling busy jobs and traders was challenging. 

The same decor and style continues from the living area into the master bedroom, creating a relaxing space

Did you have a budget and how did you stick to it?

Yes we did. We did a lot of the manual work ourselves including painting the floor boards and walls etc which really helped control the costs. 

The hallway is lovely and light with the painted floorboards

Where is your favourite place in your home now?

Our open plan living / kitchen area. 

The stunning kitchen with the freestanding island has a relaxed style

What would be your advice to others just starting out a renovation?

Find a good builder who’s been recommended very high. Trust your instincts and have a clear vision. 

The touches of oak and brass add texture and warmth to this style kitchen

If you are thinking about a renovation project in the near future and need some help finding an architect or designer, we can match you with the most suitable ones for your project.

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Published: November 4, 2021

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