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Most renovation projects require the services of an architect to help with the design and also help throughout the project. Before you begin contacting architects, it's worthwhile thinking about your project brief, a wish list for the project, your vision, what you want to achieve, requirements, questions and ideas. It’s important at this stage to think of how you want to use the space and how it will work in the future so your architect can help accommodate and future proof your designs. 

We caught up with Atelier Architects who filled us in on what to expect when working together with an architect. 

Image by Atelier Architects 

Love Renovate: When in the process should I contact my architect? 

Atelier Architects: It's important to engage with an architect at the outset of your renovation process. A good architect can help you with so much including the design, the overall estimated cost, applying for planning permission, project managing the work and seeing it through right until the end. Because of this, it's good to find an architect early in the process to help you right from the beginning.

Love Renovate: Do I need to have design ideas already prepared? 

Atelier Architects: No, but if you have inklings or preferences it is a good idea to jot them down and share them early on so your architect can start working on ideas. 

Image by Atelier Architects 

Love Renovate: How long does it take for an architect to produce some design drawings? 

Atelier Architects: A private domestic sketch design usually takes anything from 1- 6 weeks depending on the complexity and the architect’s schedule. Make sure you allow enough time for the architects plans to be completed and you are not rushing the plans to start the building work.

Love Renovate: How many design options do you typically prepare? 

Atelier Architects: For private domestic renovations at least two sometimes three or four. Often seeing the first set of drawings makes the client think of other ideas, so there can be iterations.

Image by Atelier Architects 

Love Renovate: Should I come with a budget and can you help me keep within it? 

Atelier Architects: It is a good idea to be open about your budget at the start so this can be factored into the design. Guidance on cost monitoring typically becomes more precise the more a project progresses. For smaller private domestic work this can usually be covered by an architect and contact with a local builder(s). For larger more complex private domestic projects a Quantity Surveyor is often required.

Image by Atelier Architects 

Love Renovate: What other work can an architect help me with? 

Atelier Architects: Alterations and renovations in your own home can become quite a personal journey, so it's good that you feel you can work with your architect and share the ‘highs and lows’ you experience in the process.

Love Renovate: Is there anything else I need to consider before working with my architect? 

Atelier Architects: Trust and patience in your architect are important in allowing the design to evolve to the best it can be.

Published: May 14, 2019

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