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When we started Love Renovate, we wanted to build a home renovation community, where you could get ideas, inspiration and advice from others who have been through the same journey, helping make the process simple.

So what better place to draw inspiration than choosing some of our very favourite renovation Instagram accounts, and find out more about their journey and what they've learned along the way!

We start by chatting to @renovategate, who have just finished a full internal remodel of a 3 bed semi detached property in Ireland. They carried out the work in super quick time and their home is so inspiring - the interior is bright, modern and spacious with some gorgeous bursts of colour and style to make it truly unique. 

We have featured some of our favourite pictures, but head over to their Instagram account to see even more!

Tell us a bit more about your renovation project?

It was a complete home makeover of a three bed semi which was built in 2004. 

We gutted the entire house, stripping it back to the timber frames and re-insulated, re-plumbed and re-wired the whole building. 

We converted a garage and the attic into habitable spaces, knocked a wall in the kitchen to open up the space and the rest was all redecorated, with new flooring, ceiling and skirting. In hindsight we probably could have just built from scratch!

Bathroom before

Bathroom after - loving the brick effect wall!

Where did you live during the renovation?

We were lucky enough to be able to reside in mum's house. There was no way we could live in the shell we created with with our 9 month old. There was no upstairs floor at one point! 

I would advise anyone with small children to move out and rent an airbnb or move back in with family if you're working on a big reno. If that's not possible, take it room by room so you can section it off and 'contain' the dust and mess it generates. 

The garage was converted to make this fun playroom

What was the biggest challenge?

The plumbing work. All we wanted was a new radiator and when the plumber took the floorboards up it was a complete disaster that was hidden. We couldn't turn on our hot water without having our radiators on, there was no way of segregating upstairs from downstairs etc....so the whole thing needed taking apart and re-doing. 

Patience was a massive challenge. It was as if we were taking two steps forward and one back for the majority of it. Take all the mishaps and set backs in your stride and be grateful they were discovered during a renovation and not years down the line!

Master bedroom before

Master bedroom after

Who was your hero during the project?

So many people! But really my family and other half. If it wasn't for them I don't know where I'd be. They kept me sane and comforted me when the stress tears started falling. As much as we could was done ourselves and my other half and step dad were amazing. They re-insulated, boarded and re-floored the entire building !

We love the new dining area

What is your favourite place now in your home?

The kitchen! It's the perfect family space for us as it's spacious but still cosy. The pop of colour creates a fun holiday vibe! As much as I love the grey trend that's doing the rounds we wanted our home to feel fun and bright too!

Kitchen before

Kitchen after with gorgeous pops of yellow

What would be your tip for anyone starting out?

Make a spreadsheet !!!

I created a mammoth excel detailing costings and timescales for everything and updated actual spend against what we'd budgeted. It really helped keep us in our spend zone, so much so that we ended up going over our budget by only €15...I'm sure this was a fluke!

Thank you to @renovategate for sharing your beautiful home and journey with us!

Published: July 5, 2019

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