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Instant hot water taps are one of the most sought after appliances in any new kitchen, cutting out the need for a kettle in your kitchen and keeping your worktops clutter free.

Having instant hot or boiling water to make you tea or coffee on demand is why they are loved by so many. Other huge benefits include being able to fill up your pans with instant hot water, as well as having filtered cold water straight from the tap.

With a range in functionality and prices, we look at what to consider when choosing an instant hot water tap for your new kitchen, as well as choosing some of our favourites.

So what are the main things to consider?


Many of the entry level taps produce water to a near boiling temperature of 98˚C for steaming hot water, with some producing the boiling temperature of 100˚C. 

The difference between the steaming and boiling won't make a huge difference to most, however some still prefer the boiling temperature of 100˚C for a cup of tea or coffee.

Some of the instant hot water taps can be turned down in temperature which is useful if you don't always require boiling water.


Always look out for the safety features with most instant hot water taps coming with excellent safety features which stop little hands from burning themselves. 

The taps are also thought by many to be safer than pouring boiling water from the tap.


At the entry level, you will have the option of either cold or near boiling water flowing from the tap, which is enough for most people.

Many taps have more options including hot, boiling, filtered, chilled or even sparkling water. Expect to pay more with the increased options. 

Size of tank

Look out for the size of the tank for the hot water tap. Starting at 2 litres for a cheaper tap, this should be more than enough to supply enough hot water for around 4-6 cups. Do look out for the reheat time, some are as fast as 10 minutes but others may take much longer. 

Make sure that your unit is large enough to accommodate the size of the tank too, with some of the larger tanks taking up a lot of space.


With a surge in popularity of coloured taps in the market, we have seen the instant hot water taps move in the same direction. Many instant hot water taps come in a range of styles and finishes including chrome, bronze, brass and matt black.

Most instant hot water taps come in simple curved designs as well as a growing amount of square taps.


It's worth checking out how long the water filter needs to be replaced and what the cost is. The average replacement is around 6 months however some of the filters can be fairly costly.

How much are instant hot water taps?

Instant hot water taps range from around £450 for an entry level and can exceed £1,000 for those that have a range of functionality and a particular finish.

So here are our favourite instant hot water taps to help with your decision. Some (not all) of the links are with affiliate partners, however this does not influence our choice.

Qettle 4-in-1 Instant Boiling Water Tap, Amazon: £529

Best for: an all rounder

This is a great entry level instant boiling water tap, which is priced extremely well and also provides an excellent range of functionality. 

In addition to the standard cold and hot water, it also provides boiling water at 100˚C and the option of filtered cold water too. It has two levers, one for the mains hot and cold and the other for the filtered cold and boiling, so it's a simple design and easy to use.

The 4 litre tank capacity is enough for 8 cups of boiling water, with a 10 minute recovery time. The tank capacity is larger than others at a similar price point. The Qettle also has options for a 2L or 7L tank, depending on the demands in your household.

The safety features are especially good if you have young children - the Qettle has a safety clip which must be pushed down to allow the flow of boiling water.

The cheaper price is due to how standard it is, coming in a chrome finish with the curved shape. Qettle do have a wider range of finishes in their premium Signature range but do expect to pay far more.

The Qettle includes a water filter which needs to be replaced roughly every 6 months, with a handy LED light notifying you when you need to replace the filter.


  • Competitively priced
  • Recovery time of 10 mins
  • Safety clip which needs to be pressed down for the boiling water to flow
  • Large 4 litre water tank
  • Produces boiling water at 100˚C 


  • Limited options for style and finish
  • The boiling water option can splutter
  • Temperature is not adjustable if you don't require boiling water

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Fohen Fahrenheit Instant Boiling Water 3 in 1 Tap in Brushed Gold, Amazon: £450

Best for: a stylish tap

We have seen this tap grow in popularity on Instagram as it's a stylish tap with so many colour options available.

It produces hot, cold and near boiling at 98˚C, which should be enough for most but might be a downside for those who like a really hot cup of tea or coffee. The temperature is adjustable however, which is a handy feature to have.

It's 2.4 litre boiling capacity which should be enough for 5 cups, with a slightly longer boiling time of around 20-30 mins. 

It also has a handy child-safe spring lock which must be depressed and turned away from you to run the boiling water. 

We love the square shape which has a wonderful contemporary look, and the brushed gold ticks all of the latest trend boxes. It's also available in a variety of different colours including gunmetal and black. There is also a Furnas range which is a curved shape which is another great option.

One filter is supplied with the tap which needs to be replaced roughly every 6 months, however it's an expensive filter at around £45.


  • Competitively priced
  • Child safety spring lock
  • Stylish tap with different colour options available


  • 2.4 litre tank takes about 20-30 mins to reboil
  • Issues with a couple of drips when the tap is turned off
  • Expensive replacement filter

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Quooker Fusion Round 3-in-1 Boiling Water Tap, Appliance City: £999

Best for: a quality investment

This is the most established and popular brand in the market and for good reason. It's a high quality tap which produces cold, hot and boiling water at 100°C. 

The cold water is not filtered which is an additional extra and there is also the option for sparkling and chilled water by purchasing the CUBE. If you want all of the extra's, the Quooker is a big investment.

The tank size is a decent 3 litres at the entry level, however there is an option for a 7 litre boiling water tank if your household demands it. The tank takes between 10 mins to reheat, which is quick for a busy household.

The safety features include a double push and twist feature to enable the boiling water to flow with also a light which comes on to indicate the water is flowing. There is also a shut off valve to stop any drip from the boiling water.

We love the super simple and slick design which is also available in the round or square shape with options of finishes including gold and black, so there is a stylish option for everyone. It's worth noting that you can expect to pay more for a colour finish. 


  • Boils up to 100°C
  • Available in many finishes, so there is a style to suit every kitchen
  • Quick heat up time of 10 mins
  • Additional add ons including chilled and sparkling water
  • Excellent safety features


  • An expensive purchase
  • Additional add ons are expensive with the CUBE taking up lots of space under the sink

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Lusso Filtrata Matte Black 4-in-1 Boiling Water Tap, Lusso: £595

Best for: new on the market

Lusso has a beautiful range of taps for around the home which are so stylish and competitively priced too. This instant hot water tap is new to the market and ticks so many of the boxes with brilliant functionality, design and price.

It has the standard cold and hot water functionality, as well as a filtered cold and hot water flow of 98°C and a boiler capacity of 2.4 litres.

It comes with a child safety device which is a spring loaded lock which can only be operated when the lever is in position. It also has an insulated spout which makes the tap cold to touch, with a splutter-free sprout which is great for the hot water.

We love the matt black finish - the tap is also available in a beautiful brushed gold and nickel, so the look works so well in a contemporary home.

One filter is included which needs to be changed around every 6 -12 months and is priced at £35, so it's not the cheapest to replace.


  • Competitively priced
  • Excellent features
  • Great safety features
  • Stylish design with a choice of colours


  • Replacement filter is more expensive than others
  • New to the market so it hasn't been tested in the home over a long period of time

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InSinkErator Chrome Effect Filtered Hot & Cold Water Tap, B&Q: £410

Best for: good value product

This has been a popular instant hot water tap for over a decade, due to its simple functionality and reasonable price. It has two options - instant filtered hot water and filtered cold water.

The InSinkErator instant hot water tap comes with a 2.5 litre tank which heats the hot water up to 98°C for steaming hot water. 

It also has the standard safety push down lever which must be held down as you are using the hot water tap, so it's safe for young children or even those who are unfamiliar with the tap. The spout is also fully insulated so it's safe to touch.

It's a simple style with a curved tap, finished in a polished chrome which should work with most styles of kitchen.

It also comes with a water filter which saves on the initial costs. Water filters need to be changed approximately every 6 months and can be bought for around £20.


  • A good price point for an instant hot water tap
  • Simple design
  • Reputable brand with the taps lasting for many years 
  • Great safety feature


  • This model is only available in one style, with no other options in shape or colour
  • Does not reach boiling temperature of 100°C
  • It does not dispense regular hot or cold water

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Published: May 21, 2021

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