7 Kitchen Trends We Are Loving In 2022







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With the continual popularity of open plan living, the kitchen is so much more than a functional space. 

Now more than ever, there are so many options to create a stylish space that can express your families personality and style.

We share some of our favourite kitchen trends in 2022, to inspire your kitchen renovation this year. From fluted detail to beautiful banquettes, there are some wonderful ideas that you will also love in years to come.

If you need help finding a local kitchen designer, we can match you with the most suitable ones for your project.

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1. Fluted Detail

We have seen fluting emerging as a kitchen trend over the past few years, as it creates such elegant detail to the kitchen. Either go bold with the fluted detail on all of your cabinetry or you can be more subtle, with a fluted island or as a feature on some of the cabinets.

This beautiful handmade kitchen from Wood Works Brighton shows how fluted carpentry can create a soft and natural look. The detail on the pantry doors creates a striking feature, which works perfectly with the green cabinet and long wooden handles.

Bespoke kitchen by Wood Works Brighton

If you love the fluting detail but don't want to commit to the detail on the cabinets, consider reeded glass which will give you a similar look in the kitchen. 

Reeded glass looks great in walk-in larder cupboards, keeping the whole space bright. You can also swap out the glass in your existing kitchen to update your current look. The beautiful dark green kitchen from Insta account @that_overton_house looks perfect with the reeded glass detail and the utilitarian brass knobs.

Kitchen from the home of Insta account @that_overton_house

2. Banquette Seating

If you want to make your seating a feature in the kitchen, banquette seating is such a great option. Banquette seating has been popular in the US for years and we are starting to see more and more stylish kitchens in the UK embrace this beautiful style.

Incorporating the banquette with your island is a stylish choice as well as making the open plan area become even more social. This creates the perfect informal look for any family home and also can be a real space saver in the kitchen. 

There is so much that we love about this kitchen from Insta account @victoriaaldersonart and like how they have incorporated the stylish deep green banquette with the kitchen, which to us places emphasis on time spent with family. It's also a great space saver if you don't have the space near the wall for a standalone table. We also adore the leather finish which is also very practical in a busy kitchen.

Banquette seating in the home of Insta account @victoriaaldersonart

3. Terracotta Floors

Timeless, Mediterranean terracotta floor tiles are something we are seeing more and more of, and we think it creates such an effortless laid back look in any kitchen.

The stunning Insta account @the_brixton_home_boys show how you can achieve the most amazing look in the kitchen with this incredible flooring. The terracotta tiles provide a continual flow from the kitchen to the courtyard garden, creating a seamless space.

Terracotta flooring does require more maintenance and care than other types of floor, so consider this before you fit it in your home.

Kitchen from Insta account @the_brixton_home_boys

4. Pink Kitchens

Pink is becoming more and more popular in the kitchen, which looks equally beautiful on a classic shaker kitchen as it does contemporary design.

It works so well with oak and brass, giving it a soft and tactile look. Or combined with contrasting navy painted cabinetry to create an up to the minute look.

This plywood kitchen from HØLTE, shows how to effortlessly combine pink cabinets with oak veneer and flooring to create a minimalistic contemporary look. We love the touches of oak in the handles which pull the entire scheme together; it's pink without being too bright or strong.

Kitchen by HØLTE

Pink looks equally good in a period home, where it softens the traditional style of kitchen. We love this one from Insta account @lovinglinden, where the dark herringbone floor is the perfect contrast to the light pink and neutral painted cabinets.

Kitchen from Insta account @lovinglinden

5. Natural Wood

Light, natural wood is the perfect choice to give your kitchen a relaxed and earthy artisan look. With a growing kitchen trend of incorporating nature in our homes, we are seeing more and more wood finished cabinets, warm neutral tones and shades of green.

We adore the light wood of the cabinets from the home of Insta account @themodernlakehouse, which create more of a furniture look, rather than a discrete kitchen. 

There are so many understated stylish parts of this beautiful kitchen, including the fluted detail on the island which creates soft lines in the kitchen.

Kitchen from the home of Insta account @themodernlakehouse

6. Ceiling Beams

If you want to add some character to your kitchen, consider ceiling beams to create a feature. There are so many options here, including painted steel, natural oak or painted timber, all will add so much style to your kitchen. 

For a rustic look, we love these painted timber beams in the home of Insta account @homes_and_renovations. The walls and beams have been finished in a textured paint which adds to the authenticity and style of the kitchen.

Kitchen from the home of Insta account @homes_and_renovations

If you want a more contemporary look, then either natural wood or white painted beams below the skylight can be striking, like this one from Studio Webster Dale Architects. As well as creating a feature, it also clearly zones the cooking area from the rest of the open plan space.

Kitchen extension by Studio Webster Dale Architects

7. Dark Worktops

We doubt the trend for minimal white worktops will go away, as they create such a bright and much loved look. However we are seeing an increased amount of dark worktops emerging once more as a popular kitchen trend, creating a dramatic and sophisticated look in the kitchen.

We think it looks particularly good teamed with dark painted greens or inky blue units, to create a dramatic look. We love the dark marble on this island by Clare Heffernan Architect which works so well with the exposed brick wall in this period property.

Kitchen extension by Clare Heffernan Architect

If you need help finding a local kitchen designer, we can match you with the most suitable ones for your project.

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Published: January 14, 2022

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