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Carrying out any renovation is a huge challenge, but we take our hats off to a family who move into a caravan on site while the work is being carried out.

We chat to the lovely @building_the_forever_home on Instagram, to find out how their renovation is going and any advice they can pass on! 

Their house is set in the beautiful Cheshire countryside on the most stunning plot. The current cottage is charming but in need of love, so they are doing a full renovation and extension, to turn it into their dream family home.

We have loved following the journey so far and can't wait to see the end result, but whilst they are in the midst of the work they took some time to chat to us about their experience so far! Thank you so much for your time and amazing pictures!

The current house set in the most beautiful location

What made you want to renovate and did you buy the property to do up? 

It was actually my husband's dream to build a house from a young age. The plan was to buy a plot and build but unfortunately we struggled to find a plot in the right location. 

We began to look for a property we could make our own. When we found this property, we realised the potential straight away, we loved the house and the location and instantly knew it was perfect for us to make a home. We decided to live in the house as it was for 18 months so we could really think about how we would use the space.

The rear extension is currently going up!

How are you finding living in a caravan? 

Living in the caravan is the easiest part of the renovation. There are 5 of us and a dog and we manage just fine. I am quite an organised person, which helps in such a small space. Although cooking on a hot day is a challenge! 

The caravan the family are living in on site!

What’s been your biggest challenge so far? 

We always knew that buying an old property meant we would come across some unexpected problems along the way. However we weren't prepared for the amount there has been so far. Last week we opened up the fireplace only to find that the brick is single skinned and you can see through to the outside.

The fireplace that has been taken back to brick

Are you conscious of sticking to your budget and how are you achieving that? 

Sticking to the budget has been difficult with all the unexpected issues we have come across. 

What part of your new home are you excited about the most? 

This question is easy. The open plan kitchen/diner/sitting room. I can't wait for this space to be finished. I love having friends over and it will be an amazing space to entertain. 

Plans of the stunning kitchen

What are you most proud of so far? 

I'm so proud of us being in the position that we can actually create our dream family home. 

What are your biggest tips for anyone who’s thinking of taking on a renovation project?  

Get plenty of quotes and check builders previous work. Even once you have chosen a builder be confident and negotiate the price. My husband was good at this! 

Plans of how the exterior of the house will look - so gorgeous!

Published: July 24, 2019

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