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A walk in shower tray is a great alternative to a wetroom, creating a similar seamless look whilst costing far less for both labour and materials.

When you fit a wetroom, you must use a preformed wet flooring with a gradient built in to make sure the water flows towards the drain. Issues with potential for the grout cracking means that you must waterproof the underlying structure, which makes the process timely and costly.

With so many slim walk in shower trays in the market, you can achieve the look of a wetroom without the additional expense. We choose some of our favourites to give you some inspiration, note the article contains some affiliate links.

So what should you think about when installing a walk in shower tray?

  • The depth of the tray is important if you want to create a flush wetroom effect shower. There are so many slim profiles available (25 mm is a common height with trays as flush as 10 mm), which allow the flush seamless look. Not only will the flush tray give you the seamless look, it's also extremely accessible.
  • It's not always straightforward to fit a shower tray flush with the floor. If your bathroom floor is concrete or if the water won't easily flow out of the drain without additional height then you will need to consider a riser, which will allow you to raise the level to fit the pipe work underneath the shower. It's worth checking with your plumber or builder on your specific home.
  • Shower trays are finished in acrylic, stone resin and steel enamel, with stone resin being the most popular. Make sure you choose a quality product where a cheap acrylic can look flimsy. Stone resin shower trays are normally capped with an ABS acrylic which makes them easy to clean, whilst the stone resin makes them a strong and durable product.
  • If the walk in shower tray is to be used by someone who is elderly or with a disability, choose a shower tray with anti-slip - many of the large brands do an anti-slip option or the standard shower tray is slip resistant.
  • For something a bit different than a standard white, go for a slate effect or even a coloured finish.
  • There are a large selection of sizes with the narrowest starting at around 700 mm and some going up to 1,700 mm in length, so there are options for even the smallest of bathrooms.
  • Expect to pay anything from around £100 to £900 for a good quality shower tray. The price will vary depending on what the tray is made of, the specification of the finish such as integrated drains, and the size of the walk in shower tray.

Crosswater Stone Resin Rectangular Shower Tray With Waste: £325

Crosswater is renowned for manufacturing excellent quality bathroom products at a good price point, so this shower tray is such great value for money from a reputable brand.

It's a simple design with a shallow 25 mm profile and a huge range of sizes available, so there is a walk in shower tray for all bathrooms.

Stone resin is one of the most popular shower tray materials and is a durable product which should be less prone to scratching and cracking, whilst also feeling sturdy and strong.

Sizes range from 700 x 1,200 mm to 900 x 1,700 mm, all with a depth of 25 mm.

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Mode 8 mm Walk In Slate Effect Shower Tray with Shower Screen, Amazon: from £399

If you want something a bit different to a standard white shower tray, then the Mode slate effect trays are a great option. The slate effect comes in white, grey and black and will create a wonderful spa like style.

Mode has a huge range of quality shower trays that also come with various options of screens, from plain to steel effect screens. So buying as a bundle is a cost effective way to purchase everything for your walk in shower.

The walk in shower tray is made from acrylic capped stone resin therefore will be tough enough to take the traffic of a busy bathroom.

The price is for the size 900 x 1,400 mm, however there are other sizes available.

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Kaldewei Superplan Steel Shower Tray: from £302.25

This would be one of our top choices for a shower that you plan to use daily and need it to be extra durable and hard wearing.

Kaldewei are known for manufacturing excellent quality steel baths, but they also have a great range of high quality shower trays too.

Finished in steel enamel, rather than the standard acrylic or stone resin, not only is this shower tray extremely strong but it has a perfectly white and glossy finish, which gives it such a lovely quality feel and look.

The slim 25 mm profile makes this shower tray ideal to create a wetroom style look, with an extremely shallow profile. 

Steel enamel is also a more sustainable product than acrylic, so this shower tray has good eco-credentials too.

Sizes range from 750 x 800 mm to 1,200 x 1,200 mm, all with a depth of 25 mm.

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Hudson Reed Rectangular Shower Tray In Slate Grey, ManoMano: from £142.95

An entry level shower tray which is perfect if you are on a tighter budget when you are renovating your bathroom.

We love the slate grey which would contrast perfectly with bold feature tiles next to the shower. Made with a resin and capped in acrylic, this should be a durable shower tray for the price. It's 40 mm high, so it might be slightly raised against the floor, compared to those of 25 mm.

The price is for the smallest size 800 x 800 mm, however there are other sizes available.

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Villeroy and Boch Squaro Super Flat Rectangular Shower Tray, UK Bathrooms: from £891.90

This is the most luxurious of all which is made in a super slim profile of only 10 mm, so it's a wonderful choice if you have a larger budget for your shower tray.

We love the slim profile which allows it to sit completely flush with the floor, as the two integrated drains which sit seamlessly with the shower tray.

The shower is made from Quaryl®, a mixture of quartz and acrylic which allows the surface to be extremely soft as well as being strong and very easy to clean and maintain.

Available in sizes from 900 x 1,400 mm up to 900 x 1,800 mm.

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Published: May 13, 2021

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