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Period properties often make the most challenging renovation projects, having often been untouched for years. If you are prepared for a big project, then lovingly restoring a period property and bring the original features back to life, will give you so much satisfaction.

We catch up with Rebecca from @love_this_old_house on Instagram, who embarked on a full on renovation of a large Victorian home. Rebecca's home is just beautiful, with the colour palette and furnishing sympathetic to the period of the home, whilst still very current in style. 

Thanks to Rebecca for sharing her renovation story and pictures of her stunning home.

Can you tell us about your home and renovation project?

We bought our 8 bed Victorian semi in December 2017. People asked us if there was much to do on the house and the answer was always “Everything! We’re doing a full rewire, new heating system, every window to replace or renovate...and let’s not even talk about the corner bath!".

The classic kitchen is perfect in this period home

What was the most challenging part of the renovation?

The most challenging part of the renovation so far was having no kitchen or living room for months last summer. We’ve lived on-site during the whole renovation and living amongst the dust and spending weekends moving boxes and furniture out of the way to clear rooms so they can be worked on has been a challenge at times. 

Our new bedroom took longer to complete than expected so we spent most of last winter sleeping in a loft room with no radiator or sockets! There were a lot of hot water bottles involved!

Stunning hallway with beautiful original features

Did you have any heroes throughout the renovation?

I’d have to say my husband and sons have been heroes for putting up with this renovation life. They weren’t so keen to move but went along with my dream of restoring this old house that I fell in love with. I don’t think they could see beyond the filthy carpets and “unique” decor to imagine what the house could be like one day so just went along with my whirlwind of excitement for the project.

My other hero is Ian the plasterer. After I’ve spent ages up a ladder on the very boring task of stripping paper from a room, it is always a joy to see those freshly-skimmed walls!

We love the deep blue wall in the dining area which is open plan to the kitchen

What is your favourite place in your home now and why?

It’s hard for me to pick a favourite room but I think it would be our kitchen or bedroom. I love how our kitchen looks and also how well it works with a space for everything. 

Our bedroom is lovely as it feels so calm and restful now. It’s probably the best transformation as the decor in there before was particularly interesting!

Master bedroom with the original features

What is your biggest piece of advice for somebody about to start a renovation project?

My best piece of advice would be not to rush. If it’s going to be your forever home then take your time to plan each room carefully and get plenty of quotes to see what things will cost. 

Shop around for things as prices vary a lot. Use Pinterest and Instagram and make boards of ideas for each room. I love the inspiration I get from these platforms for my home.

Impressive entrance to this beautiful period property

What do friends and family say about your home now?

Friends and family still say we were brave to take such a big project on but love what we have done so far. We’ve been in for nearly two years and there is still plenty to do but we are happy here so that’s the most important thing.

The bathroom has a modern twist with the feature tiles and metro tiles 

Published: November 20, 2019

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